The Shag


It’s back! The Shag: the haircut you have to try at least once in your life! By all accounts, the Shag is young, modern and hip. It’s easy to maintain and with little effort you can style to perfection, which is why we love it here at Fresh!

These are our favorites for long and short hair!


Long Shag:

Determined to keep your long locks and still have an edge? The trendy long shag is stylish and fun. By removing a little bulk and volume, you can obtain a great look that is sure to turn heads. We think feathering the top and sides and going for a messy, tousled look is super cool!



Short Shag:

2017 is the year of the shag. And you don’t need long hair to be a part of the trend.   Short shags require texture, and more and more clients want to give this trend a try as summer approaches. One key is making sure your hair is shiny and clean. Try ARROJO’s Shine Luxe Oil that fights frizz and adds control and luster. This product will make your shag sparkle!

The Shag

Creating Beach Hair


Do you want beach wavy hair, but are unable to hit the surf and sand? It’s a look we all love, especially with summer in front of us. Here’s an easy step- by- step approach, using a few ARROJO products.

  • First, start with damp hair, either by washing or simply misting lightly
    • If you wash your hair, be sure to also dry, leaving it damp only
  • Next, put ARROJO’s Curl Enhancer throughout your hair, making sure to spread it from the roots to the tips.
  • Part you hair and braid it on each side
  • Let it sit at the minimum for four hours, but overnight is even better
  • When you’re ready for the reveal, loosen your braids carefully and toss your head
  • If your hair is still damp, blow it dry lightly to remove any moisture
  • Finally, use ARROJO Wave Mist or ARROJO holding spray to give your beach hair a great hold
  • This should last at least a few hours, but if you’re hair holds curls well, it could last up to two days
Creating Beach Hair

Pixie Perfect

Twiggy started it. Mia Farrow embodies it. Demi Moore kept it alive.   And today, plenty of celebrities continue to love it.   The timeless Pixie Cut. Let’s face it, to pull off the Pixie, you have to have confidence, poise and grace, which are all beautiful qualities.

Tempted to give it a try? We recommend you start with a picture you love. Bring it to your FRESH stylist so he or she can understand your vision. If you’re willing to take the leap, remember there are all kinds of Pixie variations.

Photo Credit @hairbymorganj




The Wedge:

This is a cut where the top and sides are longer, which add volume. The look is classic and gorgeous!





Photo Credit @dillahajhair




Do you want to enhance your beautiful bone structure? The Classic Pixie will do just that. And if you’re going for this, why not try a striking hair color too. Blonde, silver or red? Go for it.




Photo Credit @sumofallshears


Pixie Bob:

Worried about whether you’ll love the Pixie forever? No problem. The Pixie Bob allows you to transition from this iconic cut to a longer style.   You’ll have lots of movement in your hair when you allow the front to remain a bit longer and keep the back stacked.

Pixie Perfect

Beauty Rest

Want to get some extra sleep and still wake up to beautiful, sexy and shiny hair? It’s simple with these easy tips.


Keep it Silky:   Your mom told you a silk pillow case is the way to go, but did you know why? Simple. Silk won’t absorb the moisture in your hair, so you won’t have as much frizz. And when it comes to your skin, silk will lead to fewer breakouts than a cotton pillowcase. So ditch the cotton and try silk.


Dry Shampoo: There’s no need to wash every day to get that clean hair feeling. ARROJO’s Dry Shampoo will do the trick in just seconds. Apply it to your roots to absorb oils before you hit the door for the day. Want to wake up looking ready to go? Then spray dry shampoo throughout your hair before you go to bed.

Fight Frizz: Want to wake up without frizz? Simple enough. Put a little leave-in conditioner through your hair, and comb it, before you go to sleep. Stylists recommend concentrating on the ends. Next, put your hair in a bun, and when you wake up, you should be frizz-less, with extra shine and as well.

Beauty Rest

Fresh Salon Photo Shoots



They are what every fashionista dreams of… Photo Shoots! When models and photographers work together, something special happens. With the right mix of people, creativity is contagious.   And here at FRESH, we’ve been doing our own shoots since we opened. Here’s a collection of our favorite pictures over the years. We’re proud to tell you, our marketing guru Jason Vittorio shoots most of our images, and every once in a while, stylist Jose jumps in to assist. We hope you enjoy looking back as much as we enjoyed putting our models in front of the camera!


Fresh Salon Photo Shoots

2017 Trends


What’s hot in 2017? In a word, it’s messy. Gone are the days when hair has to be perfect to be trendy. The styles turning heads today are fun, sexy and even frizzy. Yes, we said frizzy.Check this out: Olivia Munn could be in a J. Crew catalogue. Her messed up style, with a little frizz and fly-aways is oh so chic. To get the look, style it, then take the palm of your hand to loosen it. Olivia wears it well with a plunging neckline and sophisticated make up.





Want to look like you just rolled out of bed? You’ll need to spray a liberal amount of ARROJO’s Wave Mist into your hair before blow drying. Finish off your style with lots of Refinish dry shampoo. In this picture, Kim Kardashian also used a flat iron to bend her hair. She pulls it off well with dark, dramatic eyes and nude lips.






Simple Sophistication. There’s nothing more beautiful than shiny, glossy hair. You can get this look by coating your hair with a generous amount of ARROJO’s Defrizz serum. Brush through evenly from root to end. The secret? Don’t rinse it out. Leave it in your hair and pull back to style.

2017 Trends

ARROJO Travel Products

luggage full and ready to travel

This holiday, many of you will pack the car, catch a flight , head down the road. It’s time to travel. We are making it easy with these perfectly sized travel products that will keep your hair looking its best throughout the busy months ahead.




Shine Luxe Shampoo (1.7 oz) creates shine and restores softness. With a light scent of black orchid, this shampoo is so concentrated, you can mix a little water to get even more out of every travel size bottle.







Shine Luxe Conditioner (1.7 oz) is super thick and goes a long, long way. Don’t let a long flight zap your hair’s natural beauty. Shine Luxe will quench dryness and add vitality to your hair.







Frizz Control will combat any type of weather you might encounter while you’re traveling. Keep it in your purse to smooth away those flyways and look great every minute of your journey.







Curl Definer is the perfect way to refresh curls. Put a little in your palm, and scrunch. It’s that easy, and now with a travel size bottle, (1.7 oz) you don’t have to sacrifice the look you love while you’re on the road.






Refinish Dry Shampoo is a must have for every one who travels. You can keep that blowout longer and skip a shampoo or two with Refinish.

ARROJO Travel Products