Gift Buying Guide


You’ve read the shopping headlines: Black Friday. Small Business Saturday.   Cyber Monday. It’s all great fun, and the deals are amazing, but now it’s time to get creative and find that gift that your special someone will love and actually use!

How about the gift of beautiful hair? Who wouldn’t love that? We have a Fresh Buying Guide that offers something for everyone… and you can pick it up right at the salon!

twinturbo3800_lgLet’s start with a difference maker! The ARROJO Turbopower 3800 Hairdryer is easy to handle and still has all the power of a professional dryer.

Uncertain about what makes a great hairdryer? Here’s what you need to know: The exclusive ARROJO white Turbopower is ionic and ceramic. Ions make hair shinier, smoother, softer, easier to shape, style and control and that ceramic heater creates a reliable even heat. Want to make someone smile this holiday? Turbopower 3800 is the way to go!


Have a loved one who needs a boost? How about the ARROJO 1” Curling Wand? This new, easy-to-use curling wand will put natural-looking waves and curls into modern shapes and styles. We love the ARROJO 1” because it’s easy to use and features a wand rather than a clip-on iron. This is the perfect gift for that special someone who loves to create new, interesting looks.


Want to give the same gift to your entire family? Try Wet brush! With its IntelliFlex bristles, this brush will glide through hair, taking out tangles with ease. The super thin bristles massage the scalp and stimulate circulation. This is a must have for every stocking and Wet brush comes in dozens of colors and styles. Our stylists and clients love this brush, so get one for a friend and for yourself!

Here are a few more quick and easy ideas that will make anyone on your gift list happy this holiday:

  • Fresh Salon Gift Cards
  • Liter Size bottles of your special someone’s favorite shampoo and conditioner
  • ARROJO Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner
  • Solano Universal Diffuser: Fits most dryers and gives flat hair fullness and volume 


Happy Shopping! Happy Styling! Happy Holidays! From your friends at FRESH

Gift Buying Guide

Fresh Salon’s Top Five List



Get ready for the Fresh Salon Top Five! Every season we will tell you the five items we think everyone should have in their beauty arsenal! This time, it’s all ARROJO, with everything from how to save your color to defrizzing your locks. Check it out!






Volume Foam: This is a great lightweight and volumizing product that will lift, thicken and support all hair types. A great staple, Volume Foam is especially good for long hair.







Protective Thickening Lotion: Want your hair to look thicker? This lotion actually thickens the hair shaft. It also protects from blow-drying and heat-tool styling. Guard your hair against breakage with this ARROJO must have!











Color Save Shampoo: ARROJO Color Save shampoo will help you get the most out of your color treatment. It will lock in vibrancy, preserve shine and make color last longer.








ReFINISH Dry Shampoo: ReFINISH will clean hair without water by absorbing excess oils. Sound too good to be true? Try it and see for yourself. In addition, ReFINISH also creates texture and volume and protects hair from damage caused by daily cleaning.









Defrizz Serum: Tired of frizz causing a bad hair day? Try Defrizz Serum. It will eliminate frizz, control those bothersome fly-aways and ease excess volume. Get your hair under control with Defrizz Serum!



Fresh Salon’s Top Five List

Vintage Beauty Products

These are the beauty products your grandmother loved. They inspired a generation of fabulous new products that have become mainstay for all of us!

Take a look. Remember when?


Hood Dryers:


This is a picture from 1935. The Hood Dryer was the rage at a London fashion show. And while heat and metal may seem like a dangerous combination, this is the model that inspired the dryer that is like a second hand to us today.




Today, this is the newest craze. It’s a high tech hood dryer that rotates heat evenly. It’s not as loud as the old models and as you can see, it uses less space.





Metal Rollers:


Ouch. They’re hot, heavy and uncomfortable. But back in the 50’s they were mainstay. Metal curlers were hard on your hair and scalp. They were replaced by velcro curlers and sponge curlers and now by hot rollers.




Yes, we said hot rollers are back. Be sure to try the newest version of this 80’s classic! You’ll love the look and the new technology. No more burnt scalp! Be sure your hair is dry before you curl, and you’ll end up with those loose and lovely curls you see in magazines!



Straightening Comb


Some say it’s a straightening comb, others call it the hot comb. It came from France and was patented by Annie Malone and Madame CJ Walker in the U.S. Who would have ever guessed how important this styling tool would become?




Today, this is what it looks like. The flat iron! We all love it! Check out the ARROJO flat iron that heats fast and is less damaging to your hair than many other models. It’s a hit and a Hair Must Have!


Vintage Beauty Products

Protect your color

Summer is coming. And with it, the sun, sand and surf that makes us fall in love with the season. But let’s face it the chlorine and salt water can also play havoc on our hair and our hair color. This summer, don’t let the elements ruin your look, try these ARROJO products and protect your hair.




Protective Thickening Lotion:

We love Protective Thickening Lotion because it thickens hair strands and fattens up limp hair! Great if you’re going to be out in the sun, Protective Thickening Lotion will also guard against breakage that can occur when you’re in salt water and chlorine.





Whipped Treatment:


Clients who have tried ARROJO Whipped Treatment love it. This color-saving product will preserve the shine, luster and tone of your hair color.   Keep your hair healthy, and help your color last a little longer with this deep conditioner.




Healing Oil:

We all love products that do what they say they’re going to do! And that’s why we recommend ARROJO Healing Oil. It will keep your hair looking healthy without weighing it down. Want amazing shine this summer? Try this restorative glossing spray that we refer to as “Miracle Oil!”

Protect your color

Finish It In February


Have you made the switch to the great ARROJO shampoo and conditioning products? Are you noticing the difference that we see every time we complete your new look at the salon? In February, Finish It, by trying ARROJO’S complete line of finishing haircare products.

We love PrIMP Working Spray. It’s light, and gives your hair a moveable hold. Great for primping and coiffing any style, PrIMP also works well with any heat-tools. With this product, you can add texture and create your own unique shape and style.

All hair types respond well to Fierce firm hold hairspray by ARROJO. You can use this product all day long. On your way to work, the kids’ school or out for drinks, it’s the go-to hairspray. Want to fight off unruly strands? Fierce is the product that will fix your style and keep it in place without stickiness.

ReFRESH dry conditioner
is a weightless conditioning spray. We love it because it will fight frizz, static and fly-aways that we see this time of year. ReFRESH will give you irresistible, touchable locks that you can actually run your fingers through. And the nice thing is you can pick up all of these fine products at Fresh Salon.



Finish It In February

The Gift of Love


The Gift of Love


Not sure what to give that person you love this Valentine’s Day?FullSizeRender.jpg Why not consider a Fresh gift card? Think of it as the ultimate day of beauty, that includes

color, cut and even a wax. Add in a little extra for beauty products and tools, and give that special someone a gift they’ll enjoy for months to come!

This Valentine’s Day, to make the gift even sweeter, spend $100 on a Fresh Gift Card, and receive an ARROJO body wash of your choice!
Choose between Refreshing Rhubarb, Floral Citrus and Sweet Patchouili – all part of ARROJO’S exciting skincare line that will wow your sweetheart and show that you know the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

The Gift of Love

Featured Stylist Veronica Cook


Fresh stylist Veronica Cook has been with us since the beginning!  She started at the salon when we opened back in 2009.

But this creative artist actually began her career long before that, and she’s first to admit that one of her original clients wasn’t exactly happy!  It was her brother, and Veronica repeatedly tried to shave his initials into his head… without success!

“I don’t know why but my mother was not happy,” she laughs.

Luckily, Veronica also tried a more traditional approach to becoming a stylist.  She loves fashion and  took art classes throughout her education.  After realizing she was not meant to sit in a cubicle, Veronica attended and graduated from Paul Mitchell Beauty School and began a rewarding career.

Veronica understands her clients, recognizing that we all look forward to our hair appointments!  She loves being part of the process and is excited when a client feels “beautiful” because of her work.  But her passion for her job runs deeper. Veronica also enjoys the close relationships she has formed over the years with her clients and her friends at Fresh.

“I love the family I have at Fresh,” she says.



Her favorite product: ARROJO Refinish Dry Shampoo.

“I use it everyday,” she says.  “I love it and I can’t live without it!”

She also says Wave Mist is a must for beautifully tousled texture.  Veronica uses both products several ways:  wet, dry and to refresh her hair.

When she’s not making her clients look and feel great, Veronica is a busy mom and wife.  With her husband Christian and son Memphis, she enjoys the White Water Center, running, biking and camping.

Featured Stylist Veronica Cook