Fresh Stylists Speak Out on American Wave


Walk into Fresh Salon, and you’re going to see something new, something exciting, and a product that our stylists are calling revolutionary! It’s ARROJO’S American Wave line. And because it’s developed by ARROJO, it’s setting a new gold standard. The line is specially formulated for the care and styling of textured hair. The ingredients are clean and green and the fragrances are fresh.



Here’s what our stylists are saying:



“I like it because there is a product for pretty much every texture!  You can enhance a wave, smooth out a wave, add body, add moisture… the list goes on, said stylist Emily Hamilton.


Nikki Prendergast says: “The co-cleanse is awesome!! It helps remove excess oil from the scalp, but helps retain moisture through the ends.”


Jen Busch is a fan: “I am obsessed with the American Wave line!  I love it because it is ultra-hydrating. It makes so many textures feel amazing and soft without feeling greasy.  Whether your hair is curly or just in need of moisture, this line is perfect and smells incredible!




Fresh Stylists Speak Out on American Wave

Nick Arrojo


Nick Arrojo has a reputation for being a disrupter! A trend setter who sees changes coming and is always in front of them.   The creator and owner of ARROJO Salon and products, believes more individualized style is evolving and with it, so is more self-expression in hair color and styles.


His prediction for 2017 includes an emphasis on texture, curl and movement. He says even “unkempt frizz” will be accepted and celebrated. Why will all of this prevail? Partly because of advances in products, like ARROJO’s new American Wave. The Manchester, New England native calls it the “perm” for the new generation; a reinvention of the perm our mothers once knew and loved.


“We are saying goodbye to the smooth, sleek looks that have prevailed for decades. We are moving in a more natural direction not fighting to go against the grain with hair,” he recently told one fashion writer.

Arrojo says that more natural direction will also be the direction we see in hair color. Gone will be brash, harsh tones. Instead, color, he predicts, will become diverse; done with multiple layers, shades and dimensions. Again, becoming a way to express individuality.

At FRESH, we’re proud to partner with Nick Arrojo, and love the line of products that bear his name. Ask your stylist which one is right for you, and see why New Yorkers and celebrities alike love Nick Arrojo.


Nick Arrojo

New Looks for the New Year!


Want to make a statement right away in 2017? Then do it on New Years Eve! We have three great styles that will wow the revelers!




Big and Bold

Make your hair your statement by going big! To get this look try these steps:

  • Wash your hair
  • Let it air dry
  • Use a small-barrel curling iron in sections
  • Make it messy!


Now that your hair is vavoom, throw on a simple dress and a big statement necklace. Let your lips shine with a high-gloss lipstick.





Exciting and Edgy

Do you have short hair? Want to be oh-so-glam on New Years? Try this:

  • Dampen your hair and blow it dry
  • Pin one side back
  • Let your neck show


This edgy look is beautiful with a low cut, dramatic dress and killer earrings! Try smoky eyes and a dramatic lip color to pull it all together.






Eclectic and Interesting

Make them wonder, “How’d she do that?” by turning your long hair into a bob for a night! This faux bob has a classic, yet eclectic twist that you can get without ever cutting your hair. Here’s how:


  • Blow dry your long hair and brush it straight
  • Curly? Then straighten it
  • Part it in the middle
  • Tie it in a low pony tail with the elastic slipped in an inch from the ends
  • Roll all your hair under
  • Pin it all loosely to around the nape of your neck


We think this look is the coolest! Put on your simple statement dress or top, but go big with chunky earrings and a bold necklace. Make your eyes do the talking with heavy eyeliner both under and on your lids.



Now you’re ready to ring in the New Year with style!

New Looks for the New Year!

Emily Hamilton – Featured Stylist


Emily Hamilton is inspired by the people she loves most. Her family. The Charlotte native grew up with three brothers, married a friend from church, and now has two young daughters. And although they all played a role in her career, it’s Emily’s daughters, Courtlyn and Chandler, who have shaped the person she is, and the stylist she has become.

 “They make me a better person, a healthier person, a more attentive person,” she says.

Being attentive has impressed Emily’s clients. By listening to what clients want, she is able to cater to individuals, and base her cuts on feel. Emily believes she can be creative because she hears what the people in her chair are saying to her. She gets it!

“I get to feel proud of my work and make others feel good about themselves,” she said.

12141575_10207304127142208_7095549799516937384_n  11866220_10206947323462339_64361634755476084_n

You could say Emily’s career began in the front of the salon. While going to business school, she worked as a receptionist. When her father died of cancer at the end of 2010, Emily decided it was time to follow her heart. She changed careers, and enrolled in beauty school.



“MY dad would have probably thought I was crazy,” she laughs. But after years of cutting and styling, my entire family realizes this was the right career for me, my passion!”

Emily loves ARROJO because the products are constantly improving. Her go-to product is ARROJO Defrizz Serum. She uses it on all types of hair because it makes the hair softer and easier to style, without weighing it down.





Thinking about that next style or cut? Then make an appointment with Emily at Fresh Salon, and be prepared to talk about what you want. Remember, great results come from a stylist who listens!

Emily Hamilton – Featured Stylist