Want Summer Lovin’? Get it with Color!

It’s not too late to get a new look for summer!  Whether it’s a sexy strapless dress, great sandals or a dramatic hair color that redefines you, July is the perfect month to make a move.   And we suggest that you get started with an exciting color trend!

Photography Credit: Getty Images

Rose Gold: It’s dramatic and radiant.  And yes, that’s a shade of pink you’re seeing.  But if you haven’t experienced the richness of a truly bold color choice, now is time to try.  Inspired by Emma Roberts, this color will turn heads from shore to shore.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Selena Gomez looks amazing with blonde color and natural roots.  Fashionistas call it Ice Blonde.  We call it Beautiful. Be Bold.  You don’t have to be a Hollywood A-Lister to find inspiration in this gorgeous color.


Let’s face it. She could look beautiful in anything.  But we love Jessica Alba’s warm caramel highlights. She finds the perfect balance, with highlights that frame her face and give her a modern edge.

See something here you might want to try?  Give us a call at 704-841-2100 Our Fresh Colorists have the experience and knowledge to turn your everyday look into something special that you will love!

Want Summer Lovin’? Get it with Color!

Summer Loving…. Highlights

There’s something about summer that makes us want to brighten up.  And the good news is that you don’t have to change your hair color to get a boost.  After a cold winter and rainy spring, why not add highlights to frame your face or add interest to your length?

We love the lighter tones on Reese Witherspoon. Photo credit: Getty Images
How about the small strands of platinum on Margo Robbie? Photo credit: Getty Images
Leslie Mann is rocking this strawberry blonde, with brighter highlights hitting her ends. Photo credit: Getty Images
Halle Berry is always beautiful and doesn’t miss a beat with her golden highlights. Photo credit: Getty Images
Chrissy Metz mixes it up with brunette emphasis on the top of her strands and beautiful blonde highlights at the bottom. Photo credit: Getty Images

What are you dreaming about this summer?  Define your look with the help of our expert colorists! Give  FRESH a call today and we’ll find the look that’s right for you!

Summer Loving…. Highlights

Beach or Bust! ARROJO Wave Mist


It’s the look we all crave come summer.  Beach Waves.  How do you get that tousled look even when you’re spending days in the office, and not at the beach?  Try ARROJO’S Wave Mist .



This Fresh Favorite combines Sea Salt, Sea Kelp and Panthenol to give your hair a matte beachy texture.  It’s scented with guava and lily and leaves your hair feeling nourished and soft.  The best thing… it’s easy to use!

  • Spray Wave Mist on damp hair
  • Air Dry or Diffuse
  • Tousle your hair for that playful look that has body and texture

You can also use Wave Mist on dry hair.  Simply apply to dry hair and style!

How to video: Quick way to get beachy waves…

Beach or Bust! ARROJO Wave Mist

Hair Repair


We’ve all been there. Our hair is healthy and beautiful going into spring, then baam!  Summer hits and in no time the sun and salt water have left it looking dry and damaged.

This summer, go on the offensive.

hair_repair_lgARROJO’S Hair Repair Masque provides luxurious, feel-good replenishment for dry, dull hairstyles, and there are several ways to make it work into your routine.

Traditional:  Shampoo, rinse and apply the Masque to damp hair.  Then leave it in for 10 minutes and rinse it off.  Your hair will feel silky, shiny and lustrous.

Make it your own:  Apply it like a masque, then cover your hair with a shower cap or warm towel. You can try this every week if your hair is severely dry and brittle, or once a month if you’re trying to stay ahead of damaged hair.

Quick Fix:  Use the Masque in place of your regular conditioner and leave it in only a few minutes. You won’t believe the difference it can make in such a short time!

Go on the offense:  Planning to enjoy the sun and surf?  Protect your hair by applying just a quarter size dollop to your hair before you go into the water.  The masque will prevent salt and chlorine from penetrating your hair cuticles.

Hair Repair

Dads and Grads


It’s time to celebrate the people we love: Our Dads and Grads!  This is the season high school and college students graduate and take that next step.  And of course, Father’s Day is around the corner!

For the special man in your life, why not book an appointment and let us give him a new, modern look?  Want to try shorter sides with a longer top?  Our FRESH stylists can handle it, no problem!  Does he want to try a slick back or cropped cut?  We can do it.   Book now and be ready for Father’s Day celebrations!


Grads, we’ve got you covered too.  Before you walk across that stage, make an appointment with us online hereThis is the time to shine and it’s a great opportunity to try something new.  What’s your next step?  Working Uptown?  Traveling?  Going back to school in the fall? Will you be making a mark in the music industry, arts, beauty, business, education or banking?  Whatever you’re doing next, give us a call and set up a consultation so you’re at the top of your game as you enter this next chapter!

Dads and Grads

Memorial Day Style

It’s the official beginning of summer, and a three-day weekend to boot!  Memorial Day. To make it special, and to look that way too, we suggest you put your best hair forward with these three tips for every situation you’ll run into this holiday.

Don’t have time to wash, dry, style and go?  Try ARROJO ReFINISH dry shampoo and ReFINISH dry conditioner. With its active ingredient of Aloe Vera Ginger, ReFINISH cleans hair without water and soaks up excess oils. We love the texture and volume it creates.  In a few words, it is a miracle style rescue!  ReFINISH dry conditioner is the perfect complement, adding softness and shine without weighing down hair.


Want to get that beach look right away?  We love ARROJO Wave Mist. Want volume, texture and beach waves?  This product does it all in a light mist for easy, tousled waves.  It’s simple to use, just spray Wave Mist evenly on damp hair.  You can air dry or diffuse.  Give your hair a tousle and you’ll have the look you love, straight from a bottle!

Feel the need to protect your color from the very beginning of the season?  Pick up ARROJO color save shampoo and conditioner next time you’re in the salon.  Loaded with B5, this shampoo preservescolor-treated hair.  It’s gently and will leave your hair shiny and smooth.  To make it even better, breathe in.  Color save shampoo has a floral linden-blossom scent you’ll love!

Memorial Day Style

Mother’s Day

This is a special week, a time where we express our love to our mothers… two of our FRESH SALON stylists tell us what this day means to them.

She’s a mom first!  Adrena hopes that her relationship with her own daughter reflects her relationship with her own mom.


“For me, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate my mother and a day to celebrate being a mother,” she says. “My mother taught me the importance of working hard for the things I want because nothing in this life is free, but her love. “


Beautifully said Adrena! Wishing you and your mom a wonderful day filled with all the love you have given to others.


Her name is Elizabeth.  And for FRESH stylist Jose, she is “the most important woman in my life.  The glue that keeps our family together,” he says.

Jose is the youngest of three children, and the only son; he believes this has helped create an even stronger connection to his mom.

“We have a special bond.  She’s influenced me as a child with the values that I’ve carried into my adult life. Kind and friendly, she’s loving, generous and thoughtful. She’s also hard working, continually taking care of the people she loves,” he says. 

Elizabeth, you’ve made an impression.  Wishing you a beautiful day!

To all the mothers in our lives—those here with us and those who are watching from above—Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day