The Shag


It’s back! The Shag: the haircut you have to try at least once in your life! By all accounts, the Shag is young, modern and hip. It’s easy to maintain and with little effort you can style to perfection, which is why we love it here at Fresh!

These are our favorites for long and short hair!


Long Shag:

Determined to keep your long locks and still have an edge? The trendy long shag is stylish and fun. By removing a little bulk and volume, you can obtain a great look that is sure to turn heads. We think feathering the top and sides and going for a messy, tousled look is super cool!



Short Shag:

2017 is the year of the shag. And you don’t need long hair to be a part of the trend.   Short shags require texture, and more and more clients want to give this trend a try as summer approaches. One key is making sure your hair is shiny and clean. Try ARROJO’s Shine Luxe Oil that fights frizz and adds control and luster. This product will make your shag sparkle!

The Shag

Shag Haircuts

Find Your Perfect Shag

It’s the modern style that makes you sigh with envy when you see it done perfectly. The Shag! It can be worn on short, medium or long hair lengths and will always scream stylish and edgy! We love the way it looks on every hair type.


Short Shag

Just because you love your short hair, don’t be afraid to go for a shag. The short shag looks fantastic when it’s stacked at the nape. Leave your bangs longer at the top to give some boost and volume.


Medium Shag

Wear it with tapered layers, then lightly tease it along the roots. This light and messy finish will work well with fine hair. The look is disheveled and fun.


Long Shag

Wear your shag long with layers that feather throughout your hair. The multiple layers give extra volume and texture. And if you want a look that is natural looking, and effortless, a shag is your answer.

Shag Haircuts