Fresh Stylists Speak Out on American Wave


Walk into Fresh Salon, and you’re going to see something new, something exciting, and a product that our stylists are calling revolutionary! It’s ARROJO’S American Wave line. And because it’s developed by ARROJO, it’s setting a new gold standard. The line is specially formulated for the care and styling of textured hair. The ingredients are clean and green and the fragrances are fresh.



Here’s what our stylists are saying:



“I like it because there is a product for pretty much every texture!  You can enhance a wave, smooth out a wave, add body, add moisture… the list goes on, said stylist Emily Hamilton.


Nikki Prendergast says: “The co-cleanse is awesome!! It helps remove excess oil from the scalp, but helps retain moisture through the ends.”


Jen Busch is a fan: “I am obsessed with the American Wave line!  I love it because it is ultra-hydrating. It makes so many textures feel amazing and soft without feeling greasy.  Whether your hair is curly or just in need of moisture, this line is perfect and smells incredible!




Fresh Stylists Speak Out on American Wave

Hydro Mist

Winter is coming to an end, but your hair may have the ill effects for months after you pack up that cashmere sweater and suede boots. It’s common to have dry, stressed hair during cold, winter months, and unfortunately we see too many clients who complain that those brittle stands make styling nearly impossible.

That’s why we love Hyro Mist, by ARROJO. This simple spray makes styling easy. The hydroplex and glycerin seal in moisture and leave your hair feeling clean and hydrated. What’s even better is the smooth, soft look your hair will have after treating it with this one-of-a-kind product.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Spray Hydro Mist on damp hair
  • Work it into your ends by using your hands
  • Use your additional styling products and tools
  • Enjoy your great look!

Watch this video by ARROJO for more information

Spring is coming, so be ready for it, with smooth, pliable hair!

Hydro Mist

Nick Arrojo


Nick Arrojo has a reputation for being a disrupter! A trend setter who sees changes coming and is always in front of them.   The creator and owner of ARROJO Salon and products, believes more individualized style is evolving and with it, so is more self-expression in hair color and styles.


His prediction for 2017 includes an emphasis on texture, curl and movement. He says even “unkempt frizz” will be accepted and celebrated. Why will all of this prevail? Partly because of advances in products, like ARROJO’s new American Wave. The Manchester, New England native calls it the “perm” for the new generation; a reinvention of the perm our mothers once knew and loved.


“We are saying goodbye to the smooth, sleek looks that have prevailed for decades. We are moving in a more natural direction not fighting to go against the grain with hair,” he recently told one fashion writer.

Arrojo says that more natural direction will also be the direction we see in hair color. Gone will be brash, harsh tones. Instead, color, he predicts, will become diverse; done with multiple layers, shades and dimensions. Again, becoming a way to express individuality.

At FRESH, we’re proud to partner with Nick Arrojo, and love the line of products that bear his name. Ask your stylist which one is right for you, and see why New Yorkers and celebrities alike love Nick Arrojo.


Nick Arrojo

2017 Trends


What’s hot in 2017? In a word, it’s messy. Gone are the days when hair has to be perfect to be trendy. The styles turning heads today are fun, sexy and even frizzy. Yes, we said frizzy.Check this out: Olivia Munn could be in a J. Crew catalogue. Her messed up style, with a little frizz and fly-aways is oh so chic. To get the look, style it, then take the palm of your hand to loosen it. Olivia wears it well with a plunging neckline and sophisticated make up.





Want to look like you just rolled out of bed? You’ll need to spray a liberal amount of ARROJO’s Wave Mist into your hair before blow drying. Finish off your style with lots of Refinish dry shampoo. In this picture, Kim Kardashian also used a flat iron to bend her hair. She pulls it off well with dark, dramatic eyes and nude lips.






Simple Sophistication. There’s nothing more beautiful than shiny, glossy hair. You can get this look by coating your hair with a generous amount of ARROJO’s Defrizz serum. Brush through evenly from root to end. The secret? Don’t rinse it out. Leave it in your hair and pull back to style.

2017 Trends

ARROJO Travel Products

luggage full and ready to travel

This holiday, many of you will pack the car, catch a flight , head down the road. It’s time to travel. We are making it easy with these perfectly sized travel products that will keep your hair looking its best throughout the busy months ahead.




Shine Luxe Shampoo (1.7 oz) creates shine and restores softness. With a light scent of black orchid, this shampoo is so concentrated, you can mix a little water to get even more out of every travel size bottle.







Shine Luxe Conditioner (1.7 oz) is super thick and goes a long, long way. Don’t let a long flight zap your hair’s natural beauty. Shine Luxe will quench dryness and add vitality to your hair.







Frizz Control will combat any type of weather you might encounter while you’re traveling. Keep it in your purse to smooth away those flyways and look great every minute of your journey.







Curl Definer is the perfect way to refresh curls. Put a little in your palm, and scrunch. It’s that easy, and now with a travel size bottle, (1.7 oz) you don’t have to sacrifice the look you love while you’re on the road.






Refinish Dry Shampoo is a must have for every one who travels. You can keep that blowout longer and skip a shampoo or two with Refinish.

ARROJO Travel Products

Fresh Salon’s Top Five List



Get ready for the Fresh Salon Top Five! Every season we will tell you the five items we think everyone should have in their beauty arsenal! This time, it’s all ARROJO, with everything from how to save your color to defrizzing your locks. Check it out!






Volume Foam: This is a great lightweight and volumizing product that will lift, thicken and support all hair types. A great staple, Volume Foam is especially good for long hair.







Protective Thickening Lotion: Want your hair to look thicker? This lotion actually thickens the hair shaft. It also protects from blow-drying and heat-tool styling. Guard your hair against breakage with this ARROJO must have!











Color Save Shampoo: ARROJO Color Save shampoo will help you get the most out of your color treatment. It will lock in vibrancy, preserve shine and make color last longer.








ReFINISH Dry Shampoo: ReFINISH will clean hair without water by absorbing excess oils. Sound too good to be true? Try it and see for yourself. In addition, ReFINISH also creates texture and volume and protects hair from damage caused by daily cleaning.









Defrizz Serum: Tired of frizz causing a bad hair day? Try Defrizz Serum. It will eliminate frizz, control those bothersome fly-aways and ease excess volume. Get your hair under control with Defrizz Serum!



Fresh Salon’s Top Five List

2016 MTV Video Music Awards

VMAS: Very Magical and Simple!

The VMAs never disappoint. Great music. Interesting Fashion. Outrageous dancing.

This year’s show also featured simple, easy to create, hairstyles. We loved the looks and have the products to help you get the same glam right here in Charlotte.

The Wet Look:

Kim Kardashian sported a “wet look.” So did Ashley Graham and Zoe Larsson. We love the still damp strands. How to get it? Try ARROJO hair Gel. “Fully saturate wet hair from root to ends with Hair Gel using a wide tooth comb. Let it dry naturally and remember less is more,” says Fresh stylist Tia Stillwell.

Center Parts take Center Stage:

Nicki Minaj kept her hair simple, with a center part and let her sensual curves do the talking! Naomi Campbell’s show stopping cocktail dress looked elegant and sophisticated with her hair parted in the center as well. How to get this look? Try ARROJO Hair Cream and Defrizz Serum.

High Ponies

High ponies are still the rage, even at the VMAs. Check out Ariana Grande, Jasmine Tookes and Stella Maxwell. The look is clean and confident. How can you look this good? Try ARROJO Pomade and Primp Spray. “Use ARROJO’s round paddle, brush hair into the desired position, apply Pomade around the hairline and brush through, taming fly-aways and adding shine. Secure the pony tail with ARROJO’s Primp Working Spray for a light hold,” says Tia.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards