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Tired of spending money and time on costumes that don’t fit and look ridiculous?  Build your Halloween fun around your hair with these favorite characters.


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Feathers and Braids:

You can’t go wrong. If your hair is long enough, why not braid it, everywhere?  We love the feathers and curls in this dramatic costume.  And we also love the way these party goers added even more drama through makeup and accessories. Surely this is a costume winner!





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Rosie the Riveter:

She symbolizes the ultimate in Girl Power.  Rosie the Riveter represented the iconic working woman from World War II. She’s strong and smart, and this is an easy look to duplicate.  Braid the front of your hair and tie it all up in a red bandanna.  Match it with red lipstick and dramatic eyeliner to spend Halloween night as the generation of women who proclaimed, “We Can Do It!”



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Cat Woman:

No judgment. You want to look, well, kind of hot this Halloween?  Catwoman is the way to go.  We love her because she’s a classic every Halloween. We get it too… going from bad girl to hero within minutes is certainly not easy.  And the best part of this costume?  You just may have everything you need in your closet already!


Charlotte Hair Salon – Fresh Salon Blog Strong Women: Strong Costumes!

Fall Hair Cuts

Want to be inspired this Fall with a great cut for those Friday night after work brewery stops and Football Saturdays?  Here are a few ideas to consider:

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Check out Emma Watson’s short, choppy bangs.  Easier to manage than bangs that hit your brow, this fresh, youthful look brings all the attention to your eyes and is a creative twist on bangs for fall.

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Alison Brie’s long shag looks effortless, yet beautiful.  This cut has texture giving it a modern twist that you’ll see gracing the pages of Fall’s fashion magazines.

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Not ready to cut it short?  Always stunning, Jessica Alba keeps it long yet sophisticated with soft curls and strawberry highlights.

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Do we have you thinking of your possibilities?  Take a screen shot of the looks you love and bring them in for your next appointment at Fresh Salon.  Your stylist will do the rest!!

Fall Hair Cuts

Fall Hair Color

You can feel it in the air.  Fall is here. We’re switching out our closets, ordering pumpkin spice lattes and thinking about the holidays.  And while everything around us seems to indicate a change, why not make the transition with your hair color too?  Here are a few of our favorites, so grab a screen shot and talk to  your FRESH colorist about your perfect Fall look.

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Jet Black:  Why Not?  It’s gorgeous, dramatic and screams sophistication. Move past dark brown and try this rich, beautiful color.

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Blonde with Brown Undertones:  This perfect fall trend is warm and takes you from the beach to the mountains. Never tried Bronde?  Fall is the time to experiment!

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Warm Blonde: Love your blonde hues? What about warming them up a bit?  We love this color because it brings our clients from the beach to the mountains in just one visit to our FRESH salon!


Fall Hair Color

Looking for a change??

FRESH Colorist Jose Aponte understands when his clients need a change.   Lisa is a perfect example. Her hair is naturally dark brown, almost black, he says.  This past summer, Lisa wanted to go light, an easy change that gave her a great look in those warm months.   To add interest, Jose even added golden caramel hair painting using Goldwell color.  But summer has ended and the sun, chlorine and other elements caused Lisa’s color to fade, and become brassy.  It was time again for something new!


For Fall, Jose changed the base, creating a rich dark brown to match her natural color.  To get rid of grey, he added bold highlights and then toned it all with a red violet toner.  The look:  perfect, he says. Lisa now has contrast, but it’s not as light as it was in the summer.

Lisa’s makeover wasn’t quite complete.  To finish it all, FRESH Stylist Cris gave Lisa this stylish cut which accentuates her color.  This FRESH client can also wear her hair curly, adding yet another great look, says Jose.

Lisa, you look great! Can’t wait to see what you do for Winter!

Looking for a change??

Game Day!

It’s September and from Friday to Sunday, it’s all about TEAM!  Whether you’re headed to Friday night lights or to Bank of America stadium to watch the Panthers, here are a few styles our Fresh Team think are a win-win!

  • Braids are easy and look great. We love this loose braid that falls into a Pony Tail.
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  • There are so many ways to wear a braid. We think this non-traditional wrapped braid is an interesting twist!
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  • Finally, check this out! Frame your face with just a few braids and let the rest of your hair hang long. Looks amazing!
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Game Day!

It’s all in the Shampoo!

ARROJO Hair Care

ARROJO products are packed with organic ingredients that gently cleanse your hair without harmful ingredients.  We wanted to highlight a few of the shampoos that our stylists use on their own hair every day. Not sure which one is right for you?  Ask your stylist to set you up!  We promise, you’ll love the results.




Gentle Shampoo repairs and nourishes, with natural ingredients. It’s lightly scented with fresh verbena.  Perfect for those of you who want to give your hair a little extra love!  We think this shampoo is great and recommend it to many of our clients who have spent a lot of time in the  sun and surf this summer, or those of you use heating tools daily.uv-shampoo-lg





Ultra Violet Shampoo is brand new to the ARROJO product line.  It’s a vitamin-E infused cleanser.  This shampoo will eliminate brass and bring out beautiful blonde tones. It’s great for balancing color drained by the summer.







Color Save Shampoo is perfect for all of us who have color treated hair. We recommend it for all of our color clients. Why?  Because this shampoo will help save your color and give you the most bang for your buck.  Plus it will lock in vibrancy and preserve the shine! Who doesn’t love that?

It’s all in the Shampoo!

Dads and Grads


It’s time to celebrate the people we love: Our Dads and Grads!  This is the season high school and college students graduate and take that next step.  And of course, Father’s Day is around the corner!

For the special man in your life, why not book an appointment and let us give him a new, modern look?  Want to try shorter sides with a longer top?  Our FRESH stylists can handle it, no problem!  Does he want to try a slick back or cropped cut?  We can do it.   Book now and be ready for Father’s Day celebrations!


Grads, we’ve got you covered too.  Before you walk across that stage, make an appointment with us online hereThis is the time to shine and it’s a great opportunity to try something new.  What’s your next step?  Working Uptown?  Traveling?  Going back to school in the fall? Will you be making a mark in the music industry, arts, beauty, business, education or banking?  Whatever you’re doing next, give us a call and set up a consultation so you’re at the top of your game as you enter this next chapter!

Dads and Grads