March Madness



It’s March, and that means it’s time to get Mad! You don’t have to be a basketball fan to know this is when College Hoops become the talk everywhere you go: From Home to Work to even your Favorite Salon, FRESH!

We checked in with our FRESH stylists and colorists to hear who they’ll be cheering for and what they’ll be serving up during this iconic period in the Carolinas.



Colorist Taylor is a Duke Fan! To cheer on her Blue Devils she’ll serve Pigs in a Blanket.

“Yummy in the tummy,” she says! Will Grayson Allen and team pull it off and go out with another National Championship? Book End Championships for this Senior who was part of a winning team as a Freshman? Coach K is counting on it! And so are those Cameron Crazies!


5850ce8d8452d.imageCarolina Fan and Colorist Tana will go with Buffalo Chicken Dip. Her Tarheels gave fans a thrill splitting the series against Duke. Just off a National Championship in 2017, can Joel Berry and Luke Maye bring the Heels another Championship Banner? Plenty of Carolina fans are sure they’ll make it to the Big Dance and get it done!



Stylist Emily will cheer on NC State with Nachos and a “snooty” expensive Craft Beer! Her hope is that the Wolfpack makes it to the Sweet 16, and with the year they’ve had so far, that’s a real possibility! Afterall, with Coach Kevin Keatts they’ve beat Carolina, Duke, Louisville… and the list goes on. This is team is fun to watch and it’s only the beginning. Go Pack!


March Madness


Summer is almost here. And that means it’s time to figure out new ways to keep your hair looking its best even in the sun and humidity. Set & Style Spray by Nick ARROJO will setnstyle2_lgadd body, shine and hold to your style and bow dry. It’s weightless and insures a flexible, touchable, all-day hold. With this product, you can have maximum volume and still have soft, shiny hair.

The key ingredients are Vitamin E and Oat Proteins. Vitamin E will repair and preserve your color and Oat Proteins create extreme humidity resistance.

It’s simple to use.

  • Spray evenly on damp hair
  • Work through from roots to ends
  • Blow dry and use hot tools to get your best look

We’re thrilled to be the only South Charlotte salon that carries ARROJO products, and we know you’ll love this line as much as we do! Ask your stylist which products are right for you. It’s ARROJO…. And you’ll only find it at FRESH!




rogue-miv-lgDo you want to protect your hair from over washing? Then Go Rogue! This is the newest product from ARROJO and promises to leave your hair squeaky-clean and soft. Part of the American Wave product line, ROGUE is dripping in lemon zest. Are you tired of feeling that you “have” to wash your hair every day? Well, now you don’t have to. Rogue will protect your hair from over cleansing.
Rogue is color safe and contains Chamomile, Acai Palm, Vitamin E and Kelp. We love it because it improves the hair’s texture and promotes waves and curls. It’s part of the newest line from ARROJO and Fresh is proud to be South Charlotte’s exclusive salon for these amazing products.


Featured Colorist: Jen Spil


Jen Spil describes hair tones like fine food at a trendy restaurant. Soft beige apricot, champagne blonde and mauve chocolates are among her favorites.


For Jen, color is art, and art has always been her passion. She began her first creative career as a manager at a pottery painting studio, and was so good at it, customers commissioned her work. It’s here that Jen began playing with color combinations, creating pieces that “made people smile.”




Jen credits her father for influencing her to go to hair school. “He always encouraged me to do something I loved and something that made other people happy as well,” she said.  Jen enrolled in the AVEDA Institute and has been “in love” with her career path ever since.



For Jen, who is also a Fresh Salon educator, the great days are those where she is teaching. “I love seeing all the pieces come together as they realize the endless possibilities,” she said. She enjoys mixing and matching trends and creating something unique for each client. Her other passion is getting brides ready for their big day. Jen is great at up dos and loves the challenge. She also enjoys getting clients ready for proms and holiday parties. “I love creating beautiful, long- lasting styles for a client’s special event.”



And while her FRESH family has always meant the world to Jen, she now has a deeper appreciation for the stylists and colorists who work alongside her. In April of this year, Jen and her husband Ellis, had their first child. Their son, Ezra, is the light of their life. But like so many moms, Jen worried how she would do when she returned to work after maternity leave. “My Fresh family welcomed me back with open arms and lots of hugs. My clients were also supportive and kind.” She realizes now that with the help of her husband and her support system at Fresh, she can make this next transition. “I feel so confident in the knowledge and skill that I’ve obtained over the last nine years. I’m excited for the new challenges that are in front of me.”



Featured Colorist: Jen Spil

Fresh Is Thankful For…


There are a lot of us who consider Thanksgiving the best holiday of the year. It’s a time to reflect and give thanks without all the expectations and commercialism that follow soon after. This month, ahead of the holiday rush that is coming, we all slowed down a bit, and remembered what we’re thankful for. No surprise, our Fresh Family and wonderful clients topped our lists!


Julia – “I’m beyond appreciative of our team! We’re fortunate to have a group of individuals who work together everyday to ensure Fresh is the best it can be!”


Tana – “I am thankful to work in such a great salon. I’m surrounded by friends who I consider family. I LOVE my job more then I ever have!”


Adrena – “I am thankful for the awesome class I got to attend last month thanks to Fresh! And for my coworkers, clients and family.


Kaia – “I am thankful for inspiration from my teammates. I am also grateful for the humor and laughter we share.”


Lizzy – “Thankful for supportive teammates who understand me and thankful for a management team always willing to work with me when I need something!“



Jason – “I am thankful for our entire team here at Fresh and the fun, creative, family style atmosphere they provide to each other and our clients.”


Cris – “I am thankful for my Fresh Family! Because they are the”


Taylor – “I am thankful for all my amazing co-workers and their amazing team work!”


Kaleena – “I’m so thankful everyday for our amazing clients! If it wasn’t for them and our crazy talented team I wouldn’t be here at Fresh which I LOVE!”


Jen- “I am thankful for all my wonderful clients, who let me express my creativity and inspire me to continue learning my craft. I am also thankful for such an incredible group of talented coworkers who support me and motivate me.”


Fresh Is Thankful For…

Fresh Salon’s Top Five List



Get ready for the Fresh Salon Top Five! Every season we will tell you the five items we think everyone should have in their beauty arsenal! This time, it’s all ARROJO, with everything from how to save your color to defrizzing your locks. Check it out!






Volume Foam: This is a great lightweight and volumizing product that will lift, thicken and support all hair types. A great staple, Volume Foam is especially good for long hair.







Protective Thickening Lotion: Want your hair to look thicker? This lotion actually thickens the hair shaft. It also protects from blow-drying and heat-tool styling. Guard your hair against breakage with this ARROJO must have!











Color Save Shampoo: ARROJO Color Save shampoo will help you get the most out of your color treatment. It will lock in vibrancy, preserve shine and make color last longer.








ReFINISH Dry Shampoo: ReFINISH will clean hair without water by absorbing excess oils. Sound too good to be true? Try it and see for yourself. In addition, ReFINISH also creates texture and volume and protects hair from damage caused by daily cleaning.









Defrizz Serum: Tired of frizz causing a bad hair day? Try Defrizz Serum. It will eliminate frizz, control those bothersome fly-aways and ease excess volume. Get your hair under control with Defrizz Serum!



Fresh Salon’s Top Five List

South of the Bully Rescue Takes the Promenade!

South of the Bully Rescue Takes the Promenade! And Fresh is behind this nonprofit all the way!

Fresh Salon helped promote the ethical and responsible treatment of dogs identified as pit bulls or pit bull mixes by sponsoring and promoting the event. The day was part fund raiser, but also aimed to educate the public about this breed of dogs.

Fresh jumped in, with donations and marketing, offering raffle tickets to clients and the members of the public who donated items such as money, food, crates and supplies for the animals.

Fresh Stylist Kaia Sellitti has fostered pit bulls that likely would have never found a permanent home. She says the dogs often get a “bad wrap,” and was thrilled the salon helped in such a meaningful way.

Because of the fundraiser, several people joined the nonprofit and have agreed to volunteer. And just as important, at least two dogs were adopted. “It’s really awesome,” Kaia said.

Currently, South of the Bully has placed about 100 dogs that otherwise would have been euthanized.

To learn more about the organization, click here.

South of the Bully Rescue Takes the Promenade!