Beach or Bust! ARROJO Wave Mist


It’s the look we all crave come summer.  Beach Waves.  How do you get that tousled look even when you’re spending days in the office, and not at the beach?  Try ARROJO’S Wave Mist .



This Fresh Favorite combines Sea Salt, Sea Kelp and Panthenol to give your hair a matte beachy texture.  It’s scented with guava and lily and leaves your hair feeling nourished and soft.  The best thing… it’s easy to use!

  • Spray Wave Mist on damp hair
  • Air Dry or Diffuse
  • Tousle your hair for that playful look that has body and texture

You can also use Wave Mist on dry hair.  Simply apply to dry hair and style!

How to video: Quick way to get beachy waves…

Beach or Bust! ARROJO Wave Mist

Creating Beach Hair


Do you want beach wavy hair, but are unable to hit the surf and sand? It’s a look we all love, especially with summer in front of us. Here’s an easy step- by- step approach, using a few ARROJO products.

  • First, start with damp hair, either by washing or simply misting lightly
    • If you wash your hair, be sure to also dry, leaving it damp only
  • Next, put ARROJO’s Curl Enhancer throughout your hair, making sure to spread it from the roots to the tips.
  • Part you hair and braid it on each side
  • Let it sit at the minimum for four hours, but overnight is even better
  • When you’re ready for the reveal, loosen your braids carefully and toss your head
  • If your hair is still damp, blow it dry lightly to remove any moisture
  • Finally, use ARROJO Wave Mist or ARROJO holding spray to give your beach hair a great hold
  • This should last at least a few hours, but if you’re hair holds curls well, it could last up to two days
Creating Beach Hair

November Thanks – Set And Style Spray

setandstyle_splash1Fall is here and that means the holidays are right around the corner.  One of our favorites is Thanksgiving, because it’s a chance to remember what we’re grateful for. Sure, that means being thankful for the people in our lives, but we thought it would be fun to ask our stylists about the products they’re thankful for, the styling tools that make their clients look their absolute best!

Dustin is thankful for Set & Style Spray; the ARROJO lightweight blow-dry product.

“I love all ARROJO products,” said Dustin.  “But many of my clients have Set & Style spray as part of their routine at home. “It’s versatile for hold and shine, straight and curly hair and everything in between,” he said.  

wave_mist_lgVeronica gives her nod to Wave Mist.

“I love the versatility, texture and smell,” she says.  “You can use it to create grip and volume in blow outs and it’s great to diffuse wavy and curly hair. Not only that, but I’ve created texture in dry hair by using Wave Mist. “

This holiday, give yourself a treat from Fresh Salon with products that even the experts say they love to use every day!

November Thanks – Set And Style Spray

Hit The Waves

It’s time to get that surfer-chic look that we all crave as summer finally rolls in.  The look that’s making headlines is effortless and undone.  With the right products, anyone can have beach waves.  Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy or relaxed, take note and jump in to the summer’s must have style.

Using ARROJO’s Wave Mist and a few styling tips, you can get this gorgeous texture.  Wave Mist is made with Sea Salt and Sea Kelp and creates a loose, sexy, playful look.  It’s great for creating lasting body and bounce.

To get the lived in look, spritz Wave Mist into towel-dried hair and then:

• Blow it dry and use your hands.  The result is amazing body and loose waves.

• Use a diffuser and create a ton of waves and plenty of curl.

• Air-dry and scrunch, for the most natural-looking waves.


Going out at the end of the day and want to recreate an effortless look?  Wave Mist is perfect to reactivate your waves and curls.  Just mist it lightly into your hair and then tousle with your hands.   You’ll have a gorgeous beach texture that screams “I’m ready for summer!”

Hit The Waves