Rooted Blondes

It’s fall and that means it’s time for a change.  We’re trading summer tanks for fall sweaters.  Moving on from walks on the beach to hikes in the mountains.  Switching up those margaritas for pumpkin lattes.

And with all those changes, it’s also a great time to try something new in hair color.  In the Fall, you’ll be hearing about  Rooted Blondes! And it’s a look you’ll love.  Gone are the days of hiding roots.  Blondes today are getting rid of that taboo and embracing this trend that mixes light and dark. What is a rooted blonde? It’s blending icy blonde with a deep and dark shadow root.

This is the craze for Fall 2017 and we think it will remain a hot trend well into the year.  Be the first to give it a try.  Think of Rooted Blondes as the Balayage of 2016!  Talk to your FRESH stylist to find out more!


Rooted Blondes

Colorist: Christina Pearce


Christina Pearce can thank her parents for helping her begin her career as a Fresh Salon colorist.

She was only 11 when she began to “experiment” with those color concoctions we’ve all tried in our youth.  There was Kool-Aid, Lemon Juice, Peroxide and Cranberry Juice.  Yes, Cranberry Juice!

Christina is first to admit that she had many “mess ups,” but she always believed she was a Pro. After dying her own hair blue, it was Christina’s parents who suggested hair school.  Soon after, Christina was enrolled at Charlotte’s Aveda Institute.

“A perfect day at the salon is a full book of happy clients, some good conversations and a lot of laughs,” she says.

Christina’s favorite color trends are warm colors in the Fall, pastel trends in the Spring and deep jewel tones in the Winter.  Currently, Christina’s favorites might correspond with her favorite home décor obsessions:  Blush and Emerald.

When Christina has a moment to get her own hair done, she seeks out Fresh stylists who share her “lightbulb” moments  and seem to know exactly what she wants to do; what she’s looking for.

“Everyone at the salon is so amazing.  I have never worked with this much talent and when getting my own hair done, I have so many stylists and colorists to choose from.  Each of them brings their own vision and that’s what makes it so much fun,” she says.

Christina and her husband have three spoiled, tiny dogs and spend a lot of their free time renovating their 1960’s home.  Once it’s finally done…. Christina is planning a vacation!  Sounds good… although we all know that like hair, there’s always something new to do around the house.

Colorist: Christina Pearce

Short Hair Trends

It’s empowering, beautiful and bold.  Short Hair. And by all indications, pixie cuts, sassy shags and chopped bobs will be the trends as we wind down 2017.

Stars like Michelle Williams and Katy Perry took their locks up a notch. Scarlett Johansson compliments her short sides with thick bangs.  Jodie Foster is going light-as-air with a feminine bob.

Can’t see yourself with short hair?  Look at these photos for inspiration. And consider this:  in 2017 Pinterest has seen a 120% rise in searches for pixie cuts.  Searches for “shag” are up 220%, on the popular social media site.


pinterest modern shag

So take the bold step and let go of the belief that long hair equals femininity and beauty. You’ll see yourself with a new favorite trend.

Short Hair Trends

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It’s here.  Back to School. Our kids are jumping on the school bus, driving to high school for the first time and saying goodbye as they pursue college and careers.  With all of this, now is the chance to reinvent yourself.  We have our favorite styles that will put you at the top of the class.  All you have to do is go for it… give it a try!

Embroidery:  It’s everywhere.  Whether you choose a dress with embroidery all over or find a pair of unique jeans with hints of embroidery, you’re sure to feel special with this great look.  Keep accessories simple and rock this season’s must have!

T-Shirts:  Simple, classic.  We love them especially in the Carolinas.  There are so many different ways to wear your favorite comfy Tee.  Pair it with bold earrings for an eye-catching look or pop on a leather jacket and go rocker.

Sequins:  They’re  not just for clubbing.  Daytime sequins will earn you an A+ in style.  Worried about looking like you’re trying too hard?  Go chill with jeans and casual shoes.  And remember, even a pop of sparkle will make you feel like a million bucks!


Our Favorite Looks from the 30’s!

After a decade of short hair and blunt bobs, the styles in the thirties allowed women to express their femininity.  The decade of Ginger Rogers, Marlene Dietrich and Mae West were full of finger waves, sausage curls and pin curls.  While hair styles in the 20’s were dramatic, the 30’s were soft, romantic, and a bit mysterious.

Take a look at some of our favorites vintage cuts from this era.  Tight curls, big eyes, dramatic lips.  We love the trend and the new modern twist on styles from the thirties.  Add bold jewelry, lace and even a faux fur vest or jacket, and you’re stepping back in time with an historical vibe that will certainly turn heads.

Our Favorite Looks from the 30’s!

“My FAV Five”

Header 1.png

They are the products we love, the things we can’t live without.  We asked Fresh Stylists and Colorists about their FAV FIVE and they gave us these great products from ARROJO!

Colorist Adrena:

  • Texture Paste:  Perfect for short and messy styles
  • Refinish Dry Shampoo:  Cleans hair without water!  Creates texture and volume
  • Styling Whip:  Weightless, leave-in conditioner
  • Fierce Spray:  Firm hold spray you can apply and reapply
  • Her Diffuser:  Every curly- haired girl’s best friend

Colorist Taylor:

  • My own ARROJO Dryer:  Lightweight, yet professional power
  • Protective Thickening Lotion:  Protects from blow dryers and heat tools
  • Color Save Shampoo:  Have hair color?  This is a must to get the most bang for your buck
  • Refinish Dry Shampoo:  No water necessary!  Texture and Volume
  • Cream Whip:  Weightless, leave-in conditioner

Stylist Cris:

  • Frizz Control:  Leaves curly hair frizz and tangle free
  • Cream Wax:  Tousle hair and provide texture
  • Curl Control:  Calms curls and tames frizz
  • Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner:  Use it to preserve your color
  • My Favorite Military Style Black Hat:  We all have one!  Rock your hat before summer ends!
“My FAV Five”