Sun Bun

Think of the newest trend in color as Tie-Dye for your hair. But don’t freak. The Sun Bun is inspiring colorists everywhere.

The concept was created in London and here’s how it works:


Colorists segment pre-lightened strands into little knots on the head. Next, they apply color to each bun. For those who want a lot of color, ask your colorist to simply add more buns and tiny knots, then color each one a little differently.

As you can see, the Sun Bun creates an amazing, fun look for those who love being a edgy!

Sun Bun

Shag Haircuts

Find Your Perfect Shag

It’s the modern style that makes you sigh with envy when you see it done perfectly. The Shag! It can be worn on short, medium or long hair lengths and will always scream stylish and edgy! We love the way it looks on every hair type.


Short Shag

Just because you love your short hair, don’t be afraid to go for a shag. The short shag looks fantastic when it’s stacked at the nape. Leave your bangs longer at the top to give some boost and volume.


Medium Shag

Wear it with tapered layers, then lightly tease it along the roots. This light and messy finish will work well with fine hair. The look is disheveled and fun.


Long Shag

Wear your shag long with layers that feather throughout your hair. The multiple layers give extra volume and texture. And if you want a look that is natural looking, and effortless, a shag is your answer.

Shag Haircuts

Hair Tattoos

Hair tat 3hair tat 2image-1

Think of it as beading… for your hair! No, we’re not talking butterfly clips or bejeweled headbands.

The trend this summer is hair beads. These small hair gems are popular in the U.K. and Moscow, and have made a splash with Hollywood A-Listers too.

image-2hair tat 1
The beads are a great way to mimic the designs you’ve admired on the red carpet, without committing to anything permanent. Tempted? You can add bling to your hair with imagestrings of metallic stars, hearts or filigree leaves. In fact, the look is best when the beads are small and understated, complimenting a braid or bun.

Hair beads are also perfect for tying the knot. Veteran hair designers add pearls for a dramatic look that can replace accessories on your big day and create the unexpected.

Want your beading to be a bit more Bohemian? Try a set of wooden dreadlock beads. Casual and hip, wooden beads are fun and flirty and sure to turn heads.

Whatever bead you choose, this trend is functional and fun!


Hair Tattoos



Beat the Heat

Summer is here and with all the fun that comes with the sun and surf, there is one major drawback. The humidity, of course. It can ruin a good hair day.

Here are some simple tips to beat the summer heat…. And still look hot!

Put it in a bun!

We’ve all worn them, but today’s buns are sexy, messy and spunky. Here are a few to help with the summer-time frizzies.

Braid it by inversing the traditional French braid:

  • Part your hair on the side
  • Section off one inch on the side, along with more hair
  • French braid all the way down
  • Gather the rest of your hair and put it in a low, messy bun


Top Knot

  • Bring hair into a high pony tail
  • Use styling cream or gel to keep it clean looking around your face
  • Wrap hair in a bun and don’t worry if it’s not perfect


Messy Bun

  • Gather your hair at the nape of your neck, and wrap in elastic band
  • Pull it into a low bun by looping through the band
  • Grab pieces of hair to give your locks a messy, carefree look



Need convincing that a ponytail can still be chic? Check out Blake Lively for inspiration, and try one of these great looks!


Sectional Ponytail

  • Section your pony tail with elastic bands to give it a little flair and fun
  • Use elastic bands throughout your ponytail, setting them about an inch apart


Low Pony

  • Put hair in a pony, then drag your elastic band down about 1-2 inches
  • Using your fingers, put a hole in the middle of your ponytail (above your elastic band), then bring your pony tail up and through the hole.

Grecian Hair Accessories

Go Greek


It’s a fact. Trends come and go, and we often borrow from the past to update new styles. These gorgeous Grecian hair accessories are proof that this is one trend that we’ll see time and time again.


From elegant clips to glittering gold headbands, Greek inspired hair accessories are everywhere this season.  We especially love gold leaf headbands with ringlets of hair falling around the face.   Put these gorgeous accessories with a pleated gown or jewel-toned dress for an all out glam look. And go strong with make up that makes a statement too. The style is both stunning and elegant, and will always make an impression!

Grecian Hair Accessories

Protect your color

Summer is coming. And with it, the sun, sand and surf that makes us fall in love with the season. But let’s face it the chlorine and salt water can also play havoc on our hair and our hair color. This summer, don’t let the elements ruin your look, try these ARROJO products and protect your hair.




Protective Thickening Lotion:

We love Protective Thickening Lotion because it thickens hair strands and fattens up limp hair! Great if you’re going to be out in the sun, Protective Thickening Lotion will also guard against breakage that can occur when you’re in salt water and chlorine.





Whipped Treatment:


Clients who have tried ARROJO Whipped Treatment love it. This color-saving product will preserve the shine, luster and tone of your hair color.   Keep your hair healthy, and help your color last a little longer with this deep conditioner.




Healing Oil:

We all love products that do what they say they’re going to do! And that’s why we recommend ARROJO Healing Oil. It will keep your hair looking healthy without weighing it down. Want amazing shine this summer? Try this restorative glossing spray that we refer to as “Miracle Oil!”

Protect your color

Top swimsuits of 2016

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to find the top swimsuits of 2016! Trending now: high waist suits, cut outs and fringe. This season has something for everyone and as we head towards the summer Olympics in Rio, it’s not surprising that swimwear is hotter than ever!

Cut It Out!

spring_summer_2016_swimwear_trends_cutout_swimsuitsWe loved this trend last fall in dresses, blouses and jeans, now cutouts are on the beach as well. Slashes, cutouts and holes feature skin, legs, even belly buttons! When it’s on top, bathing suits look like halter tops and will emphasize your great shoulders and arms.

High There!

spring_summer_2016_swimwear_trends_high_waist_swimsuitsHigh waist jeans are still the craze, and high waist bikini bottoms are following this popular and evolving trend. Instead of a bikini bottom being too high, designers suggest waists that fall under the belly button. It’s a great way to cover up a bit and still sizzle. Wear a high waist bikini bottom with heels to a pool party, and you’re sure to turn heads.

Fringe Benefits!

spring_summer_2016_swimwear_trends_fringed_swimsuitsGone are the days when the careful beach goers only made their statement with a beautiful cover up or kaftan. This summer’s suits are gorgeous with design, fringe and lace. Check out the ethnic prints, crochet tops and fabulous colors. Don’t miss out.   Summer is the time to take the plunge!

Top swimsuits of 2016