Curly Girl – Kaleena Peck

She’s a self-proclaimed “Curly Girl” who grew up styling her sister’s hair and wishing she could figure out how to take care of the untamable curls that baffled even her own parents.

“As a very young girl my parents kept my unruly curls tightly cropped, there was so much, they had no idea how to handle it,” she laughs.

Still, Kaleena was intrigued by hair, makeup and fashion. “I wanted to be able to understand how to take care of my own hair,” she says. That desire landed her in Cosmetology school, at Rowan Cabarrus Cosmetology. She worked as a hospital CT Technician’s Assistant to help pay the bills, and graduated in less than a year. Soon after, she found her home with FRESH owners Julia and Jason Vittorio.

There would be jobs in between her work with FRESH, even some time working at a restaurant in St Lucia where she gained an appreciation for customer service and learned what it takes to run a business behind the scenes.

Kaleena calls her father her inspiration and defines him as a go-getter, and supportive role model; the kind of guy who would drop anything to help a friend in need. It only makes sense that that kind of role model moved her to become the perfect manager of a busy, popular salon. Coupled with her own unique style and flair, she’s the heart of FRESH and a friend to all.

“My best day at the salon is when everyone is pumped and excited to be at work. And I love when we come together and develop a new concept for a cut and color combination for a photo shoot.”

To say that Kaleena is loved and appreciated would be an understatement. As client Nancy Biggs says “She will always make you smile.”

And we think Kaleena’s big news will make you smile as well. This amazing woman will soon be a mom! She and her husband Jeremy are expecting their first baby, a girl, on May 17th. And although you never know who a baby will favor, we have a feeling she’ll be a Curly Girl!

Have curly hair? Try Kaleena’s favorite ARROJO products:

  • Cream Whip
  • Curl Definer
  • Shine Spray
  • Curl Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner
Curly Girl – Kaleena Peck

November Thanks – Kaleena

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Thanksgiving is the time of year we remember all we’re thankful for; it’s a chance to express our gratitude.  And it’s the perfect time to pause and thank the people who make our lives a little better, a little easier.  At Fresh, during this time, salon Manager Kaleena immediately comes to mind.  She works tirelessly in order to make sure stylists and clients have a great experience every day.

IMG_6126“I am more than thankful that she’s here,” says Jason.  “My appreciation for Kaleena runs deep.”

“She is amazing to our clients and always manages to “make it happen, says Tia.  “She’s there when you need to laugh, vent or cry.”

You may know her as the bubbly personality with a beam of pink or purple.  But client Nancy Biggs sums it up best:  “She will always make you smile.”

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November Thanks – Kaleena