Flat Iron Faux Paus


Want perfectly straight hair this summer? The look is clean and sexy. Simple but sophisticated. Here are a few tips that will give you the look you love without damaging your hair.

First, use heat spray protection. This one simple step will help ensure that your hair isn’t damaged through blow drying and heat-tool styling. Think of it as a shield between your locks and this heat.




For best results we recommend ARROJO’s Protective Thickening Lotion. This Arrojo product will thicken your hair shaft, while protecting it from heating tools like your blow dryer and heating tool. Plus, it guards against breakage and adds shine!




How hot is too hot? Actually, you want your heat-styling tool to be hot because you want to go through through your hair at one pass. For thick hair, this might mean high heat, and for thin hair, it might mean medium heat. The key: Don’t keep going over hair time and time again.

Don’t want a limp look at your roots? Then pull your hair up when styling and heating, instead of pulling the heating tool down. By pulling up, you’ll give your hair lift at the roots.


Flat Iron Faux Paus

Vintage Beauty Products

These are the beauty products your grandmother loved. They inspired a generation of fabulous new products that have become mainstay for all of us!

Take a look. Remember when?


Hood Dryers:


This is a picture from 1935. The Hood Dryer was the rage at a London fashion show. And while heat and metal may seem like a dangerous combination, this is the model that inspired the dryer that is like a second hand to us today.




Today, this is the newest craze. It’s a high tech hood dryer that rotates heat evenly. It’s not as loud as the old models and as you can see, it uses less space.





Metal Rollers:


Ouch. They’re hot, heavy and uncomfortable. But back in the 50’s they were mainstay. Metal curlers were hard on your hair and scalp. They were replaced by velcro curlers and sponge curlers and now by hot rollers.




Yes, we said hot rollers are back. Be sure to try the newest version of this 80’s classic! You’ll love the look and the new technology. No more burnt scalp! Be sure your hair is dry before you curl, and you’ll end up with those loose and lovely curls you see in magazines!



Straightening Comb


Some say it’s a straightening comb, others call it the hot comb. It came from France and was patented by Annie Malone and Madame CJ Walker in the U.S. Who would have ever guessed how important this styling tool would become?




Today, this is what it looks like. The flat iron! We all love it! Check out the ARROJO flat iron that heats fast and is less damaging to your hair than many other models. It’s a hit and a Hair Must Have!


Vintage Beauty Products