Fresh Salon’s Top Five List



Get ready for the Fresh Salon Top Five! Every season we will tell you the five items we think everyone should have in their beauty arsenal! This time, it’s all ARROJO, with everything from how to save your color to defrizzing your locks. Check it out!






Volume Foam: This is a great lightweight and volumizing product that will lift, thicken and support all hair types. A great staple, Volume Foam is especially good for long hair.







Protective Thickening Lotion: Want your hair to look thicker? This lotion actually thickens the hair shaft. It also protects from blow-drying and heat-tool styling. Guard your hair against breakage with this ARROJO must have!











Color Save Shampoo: ARROJO Color Save shampoo will help you get the most out of your color treatment. It will lock in vibrancy, preserve shine and make color last longer.








ReFINISH Dry Shampoo: ReFINISH will clean hair without water by absorbing excess oils. Sound too good to be true? Try it and see for yourself. In addition, ReFINISH also creates texture and volume and protects hair from damage caused by daily cleaning.









Defrizz Serum: Tired of frizz causing a bad hair day? Try Defrizz Serum. It will eliminate frizz, control those bothersome fly-aways and ease excess volume. Get your hair under control with Defrizz Serum!



Fresh Salon’s Top Five List

Color Trends



Back to school. Back to work. Back to routines. It’s almost that time. But as you say goodbye to summer, it’s time to think about that new style you’ll embrace this fall.

We’re seeing plenty of cool trends in hair color. And while you may be tempted to keep your color routine, there are new ways to approach color in the fall of 2016.



Take Color to a new depth: Richer and deeper. That’s the trend we know as Raven Black.   Stars like Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have embraced it and rocked it! The look is rich and dramatic.



Creamy Blonde: Think Kirsten Dunst. This beautiful look will get you from summer to fall with the hue you love. Less platinum, creamy blonde is soft and natural looking.




Opposites Attract: Mix it up. In the fall, try dark roots and light hair. It’s an edgy look embraced by Chrissy Teigen and Michelle Williams. Perfect with dramatic lips and eyes, this combo will make a statement.



Color Trends

Pinterest Problems

The Problems with Pinning!


It rolls off our tongues. “I saw it on Pinterest.” And while the pictures, pins and people delight all of us, the truth is, Pinterest is just one way to pick your next style.

Yes, Pinterest is the “go to” for ideas. But it can’t replace a consult with a stylist.

Remember, some of what you see on pinterest is photo shopped. The pictures can be enhanced and changed. That beautiful creamy blonde, may be blue in another picture, and auburn in yet another.

At the end of the day, nothing beats a face-to-face consultation with a Fresh Salon Stylist. We love to see the pictures that show the styles you love, but by actually looking at your hair, and talking to you, we can tell you how realistic it is for you to get the same look. And more importantly, we can keep it real by telling you honestly what you’ll need to do to keep it up and what it will cost to maintain that coveted new style and color.

So come in. Bring your phone. Show us what you’ve pinned. But let’s talk too!

Pinterest Problems

Sun Bun

Think of the newest trend in color as Tie-Dye for your hair. But don’t freak. The Sun Bun is inspiring colorists everywhere.

The concept was created in London and here’s how it works:


Colorists segment pre-lightened strands into little knots on the head. Next, they apply color to each bun. For those who want a lot of color, ask your colorist to simply add more buns and tiny knots, then color each one a little differently.

As you can see, the Sun Bun creates an amazing, fun look for those who love being a edgy!

Sun Bun

NAHA 2016

We did it, we went for it! The Fresh Salon team entered our work in NAHA, the North American Hairstyling Awards. Not familiar with NAHA? Think Oscars, for hair!

We entered the salon team category, and we did it with flair! But our entry this year is a little different than you might expect.

Fresh stylists created wigs using wood, yarn, feathers, and… even colored coffee filters!

IMG_1948 - Version 2Why did we do it?

“It was great to try something completely different, using different textures for our craft,” said Fresh Salon Owner Julia Vittorio. “This was a great way for our team to express their creativity and get out of the box,” she said.

NAHA recognizes some of the beauty industry’s most talented artists. At Fresh, we believe that through creating these inspiring wigs, we advance our creative skills to offer you the hottest trends that are soon to grace runways and magazine covers in the coming months.

All 2016 NAHA winners will be announced at a live event on Sunday, July 24th. Our Fresh team wishes all the finalists the best of luck. Look forward to seeing us next year!

NAHA 2016

Low Maintenance Hair

Are you thinking about buying back to school supplies? Decorating your dorm? Finding the perfect first day outfit?

Don’t make a move until you’ve decided on a new hairstyle! This fall, low maintenance, carefree styles are the rage. And there’s no better way to get the look then with one of these fun-loving braids:

  • Milkmaid
  • Double French
  • Crown
  • Fishtail

And just as important as a great low key style, be sure to find a low maintenance color option.

We love the new “Lived In” slow fade.   Lived in is a subtle fade from root to tip. Think of it as the modern update to ombre. Lived in is a sun kissed color method that fades subtly into the ends. Because of the fake set of roots, you won’t get harsh lines separating the roots from the new growth. And Lived In is kind of edgy, the perfect way to start a new school year!

Talk to one of our Fresh stylists about this “slow fade!”

Low Maintenance Hair

Hair Tattoos

Hair tat 3hair tat 2image-1

Think of it as beading… for your hair! No, we’re not talking butterfly clips or bejeweled headbands.

The trend this summer is hair beads. These small hair gems are popular in the U.K. and Moscow, and have made a splash with Hollywood A-Listers too.

image-2hair tat 1
The beads are a great way to mimic the designs you’ve admired on the red carpet, without committing to anything permanent. Tempted? You can add bling to your hair with imagestrings of metallic stars, hearts or filigree leaves. In fact, the look is best when the beads are small and understated, complimenting a braid or bun.

Hair beads are also perfect for tying the knot. Veteran hair designers add pearls for a dramatic look that can replace accessories on your big day and create the unexpected.

Want your beading to be a bit more Bohemian? Try a set of wooden dreadlock beads. Casual and hip, wooden beads are fun and flirty and sure to turn heads.

Whatever bead you choose, this trend is functional and fun!


Hair Tattoos