Spring Cleaning

  • Keep unopened bottles no more than three years
  • Keep opened bottles no more than 18 months
  • Write your date of purchase on the bottom of the bottle in a sharpie
  • If a product smells bad or feels funny in your hands or on your scalp, you can be sure the product is out of date and should be thrown away.
  • Although the FDA doesn’t require manufacturers to put expiration dates on hair products, when opened, shampoos and conditioners lose their effectiveness after 18 months
Spring Cleaning

Beauty Rest

Want to get some extra sleep and still wake up to beautiful, sexy and shiny hair? It’s simple with these easy tips.


Keep it Silky:   Your mom told you a silk pillow case is the way to go, but did you know why? Simple. Silk won’t absorb the moisture in your hair, so you won’t have as much frizz. And when it comes to your skin, silk will lead to fewer breakouts than a cotton pillowcase. So ditch the cotton and try silk.


Dry Shampoo: There’s no need to wash every day to get that clean hair feeling. ARROJO’s Dry Shampoo will do the trick in just seconds. Apply it to your roots to absorb oils before you hit the door for the day. Want to wake up looking ready to go? Then spray dry shampoo throughout your hair before you go to bed.

Fight Frizz: Want to wake up without frizz? Simple enough. Put a little leave-in conditioner through your hair, and comb it, before you go to sleep. Stylists recommend concentrating on the ends. Next, put your hair in a bun, and when you wake up, you should be frizz-less, with extra shine and as well.

Beauty Rest

Rad Hair Colors

Do you want gloss? Shine? Fire or metallic? In 2017 you simply need to know what to ask for to get the newest and trendiest hair color. If you’re forward thinking, and not afraid to be edgy, we can help you achieve that perfect new. After all, it’s never too late to reinvent yourself!


This is one of our all-time favorite new looks! We love these face-framing highlights that bring out beautiful eyes and suggest a playful, whimsical style.  The upkeep here is easy, because the highlights will simply grow out. Get this modern look by lightening a few pieces.



This warm caramel color and super fine highlights are easy to maintain and create a beautiful shade that is easy to maintain and gives a dramatic lift to your own natural color. By highlighting ends and framing the face, we promise you’ll turn heads in the New Year!





The beauty of this brunette base is that it’s created using the client’s own natural color. The highlights start at the top of the scalp and blend into a golden tone and bright blond tips. Want to maintain the look? Ask your colorist about a gloss treatment that we can do at your next appointment.



Love your natural brunette color? Then keep it, and to give yourself a modern twist, add light tips on the ends. It’s easy to maintain with a toner or by simply adding more color. Clients adore this because it’s low-maintenance with a touch of glam!

Rad Hair Colors

Nick Arrojo


Nick Arrojo has a reputation for being a disrupter! A trend setter who sees changes coming and is always in front of them.   The creator and owner of ARROJO Salon and products, believes more individualized style is evolving and with it, so is more self-expression in hair color and styles.


His prediction for 2017 includes an emphasis on texture, curl and movement. He says even “unkempt frizz” will be accepted and celebrated. Why will all of this prevail? Partly because of advances in products, like ARROJO’s new American Wave. The Manchester, New England native calls it the “perm” for the new generation; a reinvention of the perm our mothers once knew and loved.


“We are saying goodbye to the smooth, sleek looks that have prevailed for decades. We are moving in a more natural direction not fighting to go against the grain with hair,” he recently told one fashion writer.

Arrojo says that more natural direction will also be the direction we see in hair color. Gone will be brash, harsh tones. Instead, color, he predicts, will become diverse; done with multiple layers, shades and dimensions. Again, becoming a way to express individuality.

At FRESH, we’re proud to partner with Nick Arrojo, and love the line of products that bear his name. Ask your stylist which one is right for you, and see why New Yorkers and celebrities alike love Nick Arrojo.


Nick Arrojo

“Pink Eye”

Olivia Culpo is stunning with mauve inspired shades of pink; Lily Collins rocks the trend with bright red lip stain; and Karrueche Tran is fabulous with a dusty rose shadow.



The A-list celebrities are all rocking the newest eye color trend that we have come to know as “Pink Eye!” Don’t balk at the idea; in the past few months we’ve seen pink on the brightest stars in Hollywood.

The rosy shade makes eyes pop and is super feminine. There are different tones and intensities. Want a subtle “pink eye” that you can wear to work? Try a more sheer color. Headed to the kids’ school or game? How about a light wash of pink? And if you’re super cool and not intimidated, then go for a bright pink.





One make up tip that we have to pass along… don’t put pink eyeshadow alone under your lower eyelid. Add a bit of black eyeliner for a dramatic result that will give you an edgy, fashion-forward look.

Remember, PINK is it right now… and March is a great month to give it a try!

“Pink Eye”

Jason Vittorio is a Brand Builder

Fresh Salon logo



And since opening FRESH, Jason has created the brand that clients throughout the Charlotte region have come to love!

With a degree in Graphic Design, Jason has always excelled in the visual arts, and the ability to develop interesting story lines through photography.

“I enjoy the creative process; coming up with the look, style and approach we’ll take on the shoot,” he says.

When you scroll through the FRESH website and look at pictures of our stylist work, you can bet that Jason was the visionary behind the shoot.

“Without a doubt, I definitely prefer the artistic side. I don’t shoot many family portraits or weddings, instead I focus on fashion, editorial and of course hair photography,” he said.

Jason finds inspiration from ARROJO, Fresh Salon’s exclusive product line.

Jason & Julia Vittorio with Nick Arrojo

“ARROJO has given us exposure to the NYC fashion world and beyond,” he says. Because of this partnership, we have the tools and techniques to achieve breaking trends.”



He loves the FRESH environment: our bright, open salon, but maintains that the biggest selling point to the salon is our experienced and friendly staff.



“Our stylists are always learning, attending classes and keeping up with the most current trends.”

Want to see more of Jason and our FRESH stylist at work? Click https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fafreshsalon%2Fvideos%2F447677812343%2F&show_text=0&width=560“>here for a behind the scenes look at one of our inspiring photo shoots.

Jason Vittorio is a Brand Builder

Fresh Salon Photo Shoots



They are what every fashionista dreams of… Photo Shoots! When models and photographers work together, something special happens. With the right mix of people, creativity is contagious.   And here at FRESH, we’ve been doing our own shoots since we opened. Here’s a collection of our favorite pictures over the years. We’re proud to tell you, our marketing guru Jason Vittorio shoots most of our images, and every once in a while, stylist Jose jumps in to assist. We hope you enjoy looking back as much as we enjoyed putting our models in front of the camera!


Fresh Salon Photo Shoots