Following Fresh

We’re making it easy to get a behind the scenes look into the lives and work of our Fresh family. Following our team on Instagram is also a great way to check out their personal style. So go ahead, add our team to your Instagram list.

  • @drena48 – Colorist Adrena Thurmond
  • @2prettychix – Colorist Kaia Sellitti
  • @jenspilbusch – Colorist Jen Busch
  • @cutiereg24 – Colorist Regina Rueda
  • @photoricanguy – Colorist Jose Aponte
  • @tananicole88 – Colorist Tana Isenhour
  • @tyankee5 – Colorist Taylor Moore
  • @nikki.afreshsalon – Stylist Nikki Prendergast
  • @tiastillwell – Stylist Tia Stillwell
  • @veronicap1214 – Stylist Veronica Cook
  • @emilyhami – Stylist Emily Hamilton
  • @dustin_greely – Stylist Dustin Greely
  • @freshtouch_cris – Stylist Cris Plyler
  • @chedax – Stylist Chelsea Axtell
  • @jvittorio11 – Owner/Colorist Julia Vittorio
  • @vittoriovideo – Owner/Marketing Jason Vittorio
Following Fresh

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