Beauty Rest

Want to get some extra sleep and still wake up to beautiful, sexy and shiny hair? It’s simple with these easy tips.


Keep it Silky:   Your mom told you a silk pillow case is the way to go, but did you know why? Simple. Silk won’t absorb the moisture in your hair, so you won’t have as much frizz. And when it comes to your skin, silk will lead to fewer breakouts than a cotton pillowcase. So ditch the cotton and try silk.


Dry Shampoo: There’s no need to wash every day to get that clean hair feeling. ARROJO’s Dry Shampoo will do the trick in just seconds. Apply it to your roots to absorb oils before you hit the door for the day. Want to wake up looking ready to go? Then spray dry shampoo throughout your hair before you go to bed.

Fight Frizz: Want to wake up without frizz? Simple enough. Put a little leave-in conditioner through your hair, and comb it, before you go to sleep. Stylists recommend concentrating on the ends. Next, put your hair in a bun, and when you wake up, you should be frizz-less, with extra shine and as well.

Beauty Rest

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