Rad Hair Colors

Do you want gloss? Shine? Fire or metallic? In 2017 you simply need to know what to ask for to get the newest and trendiest hair color. If you’re forward thinking, and not afraid to be edgy, we can help you achieve that perfect new. After all, it’s never too late to reinvent yourself!


This is one of our all-time favorite new looks! We love these face-framing highlights that bring out beautiful eyes and suggest a playful, whimsical style.  The upkeep here is easy, because the highlights will simply grow out. Get this modern look by lightening a few pieces.



This warm caramel color and super fine highlights are easy to maintain and create a beautiful shade that is easy to maintain and gives a dramatic lift to your own natural color. By highlighting ends and framing the face, we promise you’ll turn heads in the New Year!





The beauty of this brunette base is that it’s created using the client’s own natural color. The highlights start at the top of the scalp and blend into a golden tone and bright blond tips. Want to maintain the look? Ask your colorist about a gloss treatment that we can do at your next appointment.



Love your natural brunette color? Then keep it, and to give yourself a modern twist, add light tips on the ends. It’s easy to maintain with a toner or by simply adding more color. Clients adore this because it’s low-maintenance with a touch of glam!

Rad Hair Colors

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