2017 Trends


What’s hot in 2017? In a word, it’s messy. Gone are the days when hair has to be perfect to be trendy. The styles turning heads today are fun, sexy and even frizzy. Yes, we said frizzy.Check this out: Olivia Munn could be in a J. Crew catalogue. Her messed up style, with a little frizz and fly-aways is oh so chic. To get the look, style it, then take the palm of your hand to loosen it. Olivia wears it well with a plunging neckline and sophisticated make up.





Want to look like you just rolled out of bed? You’ll need to spray a liberal amount of ARROJO’s Wave Mist into your hair before blow drying. Finish off your style with lots of Refinish dry shampoo. In this picture, Kim Kardashian also used a flat iron to bend her hair. She pulls it off well with dark, dramatic eyes and nude lips.






Simple Sophistication. There’s nothing more beautiful than shiny, glossy hair. You can get this look by coating your hair with a generous amount of ARROJO’s Defrizz serum. Brush through evenly from root to end. The secret? Don’t rinse it out. Leave it in your hair and pull back to style.

2017 Trends

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