Meet our newest Assistant – Chelsea Breann

She’s been everywhere! Chelsea Breann grew up in a military family. The proud daughter of a Marine, Chelsea lived all over the world from Japan to Peru to Indiana. Along the way, and through the miles, Chelsea learned to love and be inspired by fashion.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve found trends to be exciting. I’ve worked with every color imaginable and love researching about new ways to produce great results.” She’s not sure of the exact moment that it all clicked, but Chelsea believes she was “meant to be a colorist!”


She worked hard to get to the place she is now, but admits: “I would have never pushed myself as far as I have if it weren’t for my family and friends.”

Today, this Empire Beauty School graduate, is a FRESH color assistant. It’s the perfect job for an artist who loves trends and creating new looks for clients who want something different. Her favorite color trends includes bayalage (hair painting) and she loves helping clients who want that “out-of-the box” look.

A perfect day at FRESH is when a client leaves with a smile on their face.

“It’s all I could ever ask for,” she says

Meet our newest Assistant – Chelsea Breann

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