Gift Buying Guide


You’ve read the shopping headlines: Black Friday. Small Business Saturday.   Cyber Monday. It’s all great fun, and the deals are amazing, but now it’s time to get creative and find that gift that your special someone will love and actually use!

How about the gift of beautiful hair? Who wouldn’t love that? We have a Fresh Buying Guide that offers something for everyone… and you can pick it up right at the salon!

twinturbo3800_lgLet’s start with a difference maker! The ARROJO Turbopower 3800 Hairdryer is easy to handle and still has all the power of a professional dryer.

Uncertain about what makes a great hairdryer? Here’s what you need to know: The exclusive ARROJO white Turbopower is ionic and ceramic. Ions make hair shinier, smoother, softer, easier to shape, style and control and that ceramic heater creates a reliable even heat. Want to make someone smile this holiday? Turbopower 3800 is the way to go!


Have a loved one who needs a boost? How about the ARROJO 1” Curling Wand? This new, easy-to-use curling wand will put natural-looking waves and curls into modern shapes and styles. We love the ARROJO 1” because it’s easy to use and features a wand rather than a clip-on iron. This is the perfect gift for that special someone who loves to create new, interesting looks.


Want to give the same gift to your entire family? Try Wet brush! With its IntelliFlex bristles, this brush will glide through hair, taking out tangles with ease. The super thin bristles massage the scalp and stimulate circulation. This is a must have for every stocking and Wet brush comes in dozens of colors and styles. Our stylists and clients love this brush, so get one for a friend and for yourself!

Here are a few more quick and easy ideas that will make anyone on your gift list happy this holiday:

  • Fresh Salon Gift Cards
  • Liter Size bottles of your special someone’s favorite shampoo and conditioner
  • ARROJO Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner
  • Solano Universal Diffuser: Fits most dryers and gives flat hair fullness and volume 


Happy Shopping! Happy Styling! Happy Holidays! From your friends at FRESH

Gift Buying Guide

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