Featured Colorist: Jen Spil


Jen Spil describes hair tones like fine food at a trendy restaurant. Soft beige apricot, champagne blonde and mauve chocolates are among her favorites.


For Jen, color is art, and art has always been her passion. She began her first creative career as a manager at a pottery painting studio, and was so good at it, customers commissioned her work. It’s here that Jen began playing with color combinations, creating pieces that “made people smile.”




Jen credits her father for influencing her to go to hair school. “He always encouraged me to do something I loved and something that made other people happy as well,” she said.  Jen enrolled in the AVEDA Institute and has been “in love” with her career path ever since.



For Jen, who is also a Fresh Salon educator, the great days are those where she is teaching. “I love seeing all the pieces come together as they realize the endless possibilities,” she said. She enjoys mixing and matching trends and creating something unique for each client. Her other passion is getting brides ready for their big day. Jen is great at up dos and loves the challenge. She also enjoys getting clients ready for proms and holiday parties. “I love creating beautiful, long- lasting styles for a client’s special event.”



And while her FRESH family has always meant the world to Jen, she now has a deeper appreciation for the stylists and colorists who work alongside her. In April of this year, Jen and her husband Ellis, had their first child. Their son, Ezra, is the light of their life. But like so many moms, Jen worried how she would do when she returned to work after maternity leave. “My Fresh family welcomed me back with open arms and lots of hugs. My clients were also supportive and kind.” She realizes now that with the help of her husband and her support system at Fresh, she can make this next transition. “I feel so confident in the knowledge and skill that I’ve obtained over the last nine years. I’m excited for the new challenges that are in front of me.”



Featured Colorist: Jen Spil

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