Fresh Is Thankful For…


There are a lot of us who consider Thanksgiving the best holiday of the year. It’s a time to reflect and give thanks without all the expectations and commercialism that follow soon after. This month, ahead of the holiday rush that is coming, we all slowed down a bit, and remembered what we’re thankful for. No surprise, our Fresh Family and wonderful clients topped our lists!


Julia – “I’m beyond appreciative of our team! We’re fortunate to have a group of individuals who work together everyday to ensure Fresh is the best it can be!”


Tana – “I am thankful to work in such a great salon. I’m surrounded by friends who I consider family. I LOVE my job more then I ever have!”


Adrena – “I am thankful for the awesome class I got to attend last month thanks to Fresh! And for my coworkers, clients and family.


Kaia – “I am thankful for inspiration from my teammates. I am also grateful for the humor and laughter we share.”


Lizzy – “Thankful for supportive teammates who understand me and thankful for a management team always willing to work with me when I need something!“



Jason – “I am thankful for our entire team here at Fresh and the fun, creative, family style atmosphere they provide to each other and our clients.”


Cris – “I am thankful for my Fresh Family! Because they are the”


Taylor – “I am thankful for all my amazing co-workers and their amazing team work!”


Kaleena – “I’m so thankful everyday for our amazing clients! If it wasn’t for them and our crazy talented team I wouldn’t be here at Fresh which I LOVE!”


Jen- “I am thankful for all my wonderful clients, who let me express my creativity and inspire me to continue learning my craft. I am also thankful for such an incredible group of talented coworkers who support me and motivate me.”


Fresh Is Thankful For…

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