Featured Colorist – Adrena Thurmond


We’ve all felt it. That bond we form with our hair stylist and the salon we love. Think of the 1989 classic Steel Magnolias when a circle of friends, from a small, southern town, form a friendship and go through life’s painful trials and tribulations together.


Adrena Thurmond grew up in that same loving environment, with her mom Judy, the owner of Judy’s Hair Biz in Lancaster. And it’s where Adrena learned to love the making people feel beautiful!

“I have to admit, as a kid, at times it was boring, but all the ladies were great to me and loved having me around,” she said.


Adrena’s mom didn’t necessarily want her to go into the family business. But the mother-daughter team made a deal.  Adrena would attend hair school in Charlotte, and then Adrena would make her own career, forge her own path.

“It was the right decision. I love my clients and my Fresh Family,” she says.


Adrena also loves a day when she can make someone feel beautiful. Recently, a client came in who had never had her hair colored. After a lot of conversation, the client decided to go for it. When it was all done, she was thrilled… and loved her new look. It’s a story book ending, and the reason Adrena is confident and proud of the choices she’s made.

Featured Colorist – Adrena Thurmond

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