Featured Stylist, Nikki

Fresh Stylist Nikki Prendergast’s pictures paint a perfect image.  Beautiful, engaging, happy.  And yes, this Senior Stylist is all of those things, but how she got to this place is a story of self-reliance, hard work and passion.  A story of triumph.

Nikki would be the first to tell you that her childhood was tough.  Her parents divorced when she was young. It was messy and complicated.  Nikki rarely saw her father. She would move around a lot during what many consider important stages in a teenager’s life.  The missed family connections shaped Nikki, and helped her gain an independent streak that is evident when you talk to her today.

“I told myself I wanted to be able to love and support myself and be comfortable with who I am,” she says.

Nikki found that opportunity early on, when she had the chance to take cosmetology classes while still in high school.  It wasn’t easy.  Her grandfather drove her to many of those classes.  Nikki was too young to even have a license. Still, she excelled, being named the Outstanding Student two years in a row, and never once missing a day of class.

And although she also later graduated from college with a degree in computer information systems, Nikki didn’t like working in an office environment.  Her passion was hair!

“I knew that being a hairstylist was the right career path for me,” she says.  “I love making people feel beautiful.  It makes me so happy when I have a client that feels better about themselves.”

Today, it is her Fresh family and her husband of 12 years, that inspire her.

“My husband is my confidant and best friend, and is supportive in both life and my career,” she says.

Of her Fresh colleagues:  I love it when they ask me my thoughts about a style and how to make it work for a client, she says.  “Their enthusiasm and talent is contagious and makes me want to be the best at what I do.”

A perfect day at the salon is when she is busy and having fun with her clients and coworkers.

“It’s a day when every client LOVES their hair.  I leave work feeling positive and happy because I know I made a difference in a client’s life because I made them feel good, both inside and out,” she says.

It’s something that happens often.  Nikki is loved.

Featured Stylist, Nikki

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