Pantone Fashion Color

They’re out. The colors that will inspire this year’s beauty trends in every aspect of our lives, from the clothes we wear to the make up we love, even to the way we’ll paint our walls. Pantone Fashion Colors. Prominent for fall: Warm Red and Royal Blue. And of course, the additional names say it all: Riverside, Airy Blue, Sharkskin. How about Bodacious and Dusty Cedar?

DOC090716-09072016104238.jpg          pantone colors.jpg

The colors for the next year inspire “strength, confidence and complexity,” according to fashion insiders. Here are a few collections that caught our eye!

yoana .jpg


Yoana Baraschi’s “Airy Blue.” With botanicals and Japanese prints, his colors are modern motion.





nicholas K .jpg


Never heard of Sharkskin? Look at the Nicholas K collection. The prominent color here is Aubergine and Amethyst, colors that compliment many skin tones.




charles and Ron.jpg



Charles and Ron are inspired by Pantone’s Spicy Mustard. Prominent in this collection: Cardinal Pink, Warm Red and Saffron yellow…. All featured in a graphic pattern.

Pantone Fashion Color

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