South of the Bully Rescue Takes the Promenade!

South of the Bully Rescue Takes the Promenade! And Fresh is behind this nonprofit all the way!

Fresh Salon helped promote the ethical and responsible treatment of dogs identified as pit bulls or pit bull mixes by sponsoring and promoting the event. The day was part fund raiser, but also aimed to educate the public about this breed of dogs.

Fresh jumped in, with donations and marketing, offering raffle tickets to clients and the members of the public who donated items such as money, food, crates and supplies for the animals.

Fresh Stylist Kaia Sellitti has fostered pit bulls that likely would have never found a permanent home. She says the dogs often get a “bad wrap,” and was thrilled the salon helped in such a meaningful way.

Because of the fundraiser, several people joined the nonprofit and have agreed to volunteer. And just as important, at least two dogs were adopted. “It’s really awesome,” Kaia said.

Currently, South of the Bully has placed about 100 dogs that otherwise would have been euthanized.

To learn more about the organization, click here.

South of the Bully Rescue Takes the Promenade!

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