Featured Stylist – Tia Stillwell

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Tia Stillwell had one amazing mentor! It wasn’t a high profile stylist or teacher. Not a businessman or accountant. Tia’s mentor goes way back into her childhood. It’s her grandmother. A woman who did hair till she was nearly 80 years old. Yes, 80!

“I guess you could say she was my inspiration,” said Tia. “I have lots of memories going to my grandmother’s house and playing in the salon.”

Her grandmother isn’t Tia’s only memory.

“My sweet granddaddy would pick up the little old ladies who couldn’t drive and he’d bring them to the house to have their hair set,” she recalls.

Those warm memories inspired Tia. She knew what she loved and made it happen. Tia graduated from South Eastern Beauty School in Charlotte and soon after joined Fresh Salon. That was 14 years ago. Today she says her coworkers are like family. So are her clients.

“I also have amazing, caring clients that are so much fun to be with,” she says.

Tia loves natural texture and working with curls. Her style icon is actress Michelle Williams. And a good day also happens to be a challenging day.

“I love the challenge of fixing a bad haircut. It’s such a great feeling when I’m able to make their style better.”

If you know Tia, you are likely drawn to her great smile. She says her family is what keeps that infectious grin on her face every day.

“My husband is supportive in everything I do!”

Tia has two stepchildren, Cody and Amber. And Amber just had a baby, making Tia a grandmother. She also has an 8-year-old son named Jackson. “Crazy, but I love it,” she says. And of that son: “He’s my best, little buddy,” she says.

Who knows? Maybe this Fresh Salon Superstar is inspiring the next generation of stylists.

Featured Stylist – Tia Stillwell

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