Hair Tattoos

Hair tat 3hair tat 2image-1

Think of it as beading… for your hair! No, we’re not talking butterfly clips or bejeweled headbands.

The trend this summer is hair beads. These small hair gems are popular in the U.K. and Moscow, and have made a splash with Hollywood A-Listers too.

image-2hair tat 1
The beads are a great way to mimic the designs you’ve admired on the red carpet, without committing to anything permanent. Tempted? You can add bling to your hair with imagestrings of metallic stars, hearts or filigree leaves. In fact, the look is best when the beads are small and understated, complimenting a braid or bun.

Hair beads are also perfect for tying the knot. Veteran hair designers add pearls for a dramatic look that can replace accessories on your big day and create the unexpected.

Want your beading to be a bit more Bohemian? Try a set of wooden dreadlock beads. Casual and hip, wooden beads are fun and flirty and sure to turn heads.

Whatever bead you choose, this trend is functional and fun!


Hair Tattoos

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