Dylan Ellefson – Featured Employee

He’s the face of Fresh! The first person many of us see when we walk into the salon… and what a great smile to greet us when we hit the door.

Dylan Ellefson has the look of a Hollywood celebrity. Red hair and a great beard, this Providence High School grad has lived all over the country, but considers Charlotte home now.

And while he has found a passion helping each of us at the front desk and closing the Fresh books each night, it’s what Dylan does in his spare time that seems to suit him best. Our man Dylan rides motor cross at Carolina Adventure World! The outdoor park with 100 miles of riding trails is the perfect place to unwind. And when he’s not checking out new trails, Dylan spends time with his dad rebuilding and working on his ’68 Bronco. Pretty cool!

Of that perfectly coiffed beard, Dylan says he prefers the look, and considers himself part of the hipster crowd! “I look young without it,” he laughs.

Dylan says he likes to keep his hair neat and short to go with his beard. Fresh stylist Nikki Prendergast has been cutting his hair for 15 years.

He loves being part of what he calls the “Fresh Family,” and enjoys his job because he likes customer service, and excels at math.

“We’re the first people you see when you come in. It’s fun. We get to hang out with everyone.”

Last month Dylan enjoyed watching prom goers come in for updos.

“There were moms crying. The girls looked great. It’s all very cute,” he said.

“This has been a great experience. I love the business aspect of the salon. And to make it even better, it’s truly like family.”


Dylan Ellefson – Featured Employee

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