Featured Stylist – Regina Rueda

Regina Rueda was only six, when a simple childhood act of mischief changed her life.   Regina cut her cousin’s hair.  And no, she didn’t know what she was doing back then!  She got in trouble, but you could say she was inspired.  And history followed!  By the time she was 16, Regina was still interested in hair.  But now she had a cohort.  Her aunt allowed her to help with shampoos and color in her basement salon.


Today Regina is a beloved Fresh stylist who enjoys her job because every day is different.

“My clients are easy to talk to and easy to connect with,” she says.

“I love it when they want to try different color.”  Right now her favorite trends are deep chocolate and copper undertones on brunettes.


“My best day at the salon is one that is busy, with clients who are thrilled with their color and raving about it as they walk out the door!”

Since June is approaching, and the month of June weddings, Regina has advice for brides.

“My suggestion for brides is to wear your hair up.  Get it out of the way so you won’t have to worry about it when you’re partying,” she says.

Regina is inspired by her family and feels lucky to call her coworkers not only friends… but family too.  When she’s not making clients look great at Fresh, she enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs… and like so many of us, she looks forward to spending some time at the beach this summer!


Featured Stylist – Regina Rueda

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