New Look for 2016

2016 is well underway, and it’s time to commit to a new look. We have seen some exciting trends that we know we can recreate and hope every Fresh client will consider trying! Not into being super fussy and overdone? The new look you’ll be hearing about is laid-back, with a “French vibe.”

999a0cfdfcd2788b63986acc9d29f25eStart here… with the natural look. Stop trying to make your hair do what is hard and complicated. Instead, let our stylists work with your own texture and give you a look that you’ll be able to recreate and feel good about. Even the fashion world is screaming, “Enough! Stop trying to go against your own beauty, and instead work with what you have!” Make 2016 the year to embrace your hair’s natural vibe.dce7bbba23d8e6450e9c2baf4b296895

… an upgrade to the messy bun. The Peacock fan is a bit more elegant, but still unruly. The Paris runways are featuring this unkempt, messy look with a little hair poking out from underneath.


Keep it playful… with accessories that balance your look. Try a clip, gold ring or diamond encrusted barrette to give your hair that eye catching playful, whimsical appeal. Don’t be afraid to try something interesting and edgy!

Big Bangs… equal a big statement. Don’t be afraid to go big! Try this bold hair move in 2016 and make a statement that will turn heads. While many of us have tried bangs with moderate success, the trend now is chunky and above your brow a bit, making it easier to love this look.

New Look for 2016

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