Winter Hats

Wear it with Style!

Whether you are making a fashion statement or wearing a cool beret to keep warm, hats are a fashion favorite during the cold days ahead, and we want you to wear yours with style.

Here are some of our favorite hats with tips on how to style or hide your hair so you can pull off that perfect look.


If you’re wearing a beanie, go sleek. You might even use ARROJO Styling Oil to keep flyways in place. Make sure your hair is completely dry so you don’t have odd shaped dents on your head when your beanie comes off. And to give yourself the added lift you’ll need once your hat comes off, part your hair on the opposite side.



Wearing a Trapper? Keep your hair pulled back. Trappers shape your face perfectly, and look best when hair is tucked inside them.   Try ARROJO’s smooth crème when your hair is damp and before the hat goes on, dry your hair thoroughly. Trappers give your locks a much needed break, so hide it and enjoy it!




If you’re wearing a Beret, try curls. Even if your hair is straight, work with a curling iron to give your mane a little bend. Shake your head once the Beret comes off for a great, natural look.



So get ready for the cold days ahead… and look great whether it’s Hat’s on or Hat’s off!

Winter Hats

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