Fierce Hairspray


It’s finally here.  A hairspray that will anchor your ponytails and chignons, buns and twists with a firm hold and glossy shine, but won’t feel like that sticky hairspray from the eighties!

It’s ARROJO’s newest and fiercest product with a perfectly suited name: Fierce.

This is a hairspray you can apply and reapply.  It won’t leave your hair feeling stiff or “crunchy.”  Our Fresh staff loves it!

Colorist Kaia Sellitti calls Fierce a “firm hold hairspray with a brushable texture.”

“Fix it and forget it kind of hairspray,” says Stylist Nikki Prendergast.

This ARROJO product has the glamour and playfulness to synthesize your wet-look texture, tousled curls, and voluptuous volume with contemporary styles.

It also adds bombshell hold to blow-outs, protects from humidity, strengthens strands, and fixes styles in place with softness.

What are the key ingredients:

  • Trimethicone is a silicone to give softness and shine.  It also eliminates stickiness and flaking.
  • Copolymers provides firm hold.
  • Panthenol adds moisture, while conditioning too.

“This product is perfectly timed for the surge in eighties inspiration we’re seeing in the salon and on the street,” says Nick Arrojo, owner and founder of ARROJO.

Fierce Hairspray

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