New Year, New You


Don’t be unrealistic with your 2016 resolutions. This year, make a plan that is simple, fun and easy to carry out. Start thinking about it now, and be ready when January hits.

Tip number one: Make an appointment with your stylist. By changing your cut or color, you can create a whole new you. Simple changes like going a little shorter or adding highlights, will give you a kick-start to 2016.


Is there a style you’ve thought about, but never had the nerve to do? Why not try it? Add layers, bangs or auburn highlights! Add a new product to complete the look you love at the salon! If you’ve pondered it, then commit in 2016.


Tip number two: Try a group exercise class. Kick boxing, cross training and yoga studios are everywhere. Yes, we know the masses hit the gym in January, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing your own fitness goals. Jump into the madness and make a commitment to hang with it for at least three months.

Tip number three: Clean out your old bras and panties. Replace the undergarments in the back of your drawer, the stuff you never want to put on. Go to a lingerie boutique or department store and get fitted by a specialist. Buy the basic tan bras and panties, but treat yourself to a style that’s intriguing and fun, something on the wild side!

2016 is around the corner. Let this be the year you kick off January in style!



New Year, New You

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