Open Toes in the Winter?

goldenpoint-socksLast week I went a little crazy. I wore my open toe Prada heels with a pair of tights. The look was deliberate and chic, but it made me wonder: Is it OK to wear those open-toe stilettos when it’s cold outside?

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Fashion editors are mixed. Don’t do it in the snow, says one. Wear socks, says another. Put them away in October, screams yet a third blogger.

While open- toed shoes may have a season, we say wear what you love. We live in a world that is no longer dictated by hard, fast fashion rules. We can wear white in the winter, choose pants over a skirt and mix gold and silver, all without blinking an eye.


The key to wearing open -toed shoes in the winter is ensuring that you don’t get caught in a snowstorm or stuck in the rain! If there’s a true winter threat, keep your 10 toes warm or at least match those heels with a great pair of textured tights or an ankle sock. Both play well with a great pair of open-toed heels and both will ensure you’re looking chic from head to toe!


Open Toes in the Winter?

2 thoughts on “Open Toes in the Winter?

  1. Oh yes! Contrasting with peep toes or sandals looks so cute. I’m all for getting more from your summer wardrobe. Its just a pity that it’s rains all the time here, so can’t always bring out the leather soles.

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