November Thanks – Kaleena

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Thanksgiving is the time of year we remember all we’re thankful for; it’s a chance to express our gratitude.  And it’s the perfect time to pause and thank the people who make our lives a little better, a little easier.  At Fresh, during this time, salon Manager Kaleena immediately comes to mind.  She works tirelessly in order to make sure stylists and clients have a great experience every day.

IMG_6126“I am more than thankful that she’s here,” says Jason.  “My appreciation for Kaleena runs deep.”

“She is amazing to our clients and always manages to “make it happen, says Tia.  “She’s there when you need to laugh, vent or cry.”

You may know her as the bubbly personality with a beam of pink or purple.  But client Nancy Biggs sums it up best:  “She will always make you smile.”

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November Thanks – Kaleena

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