Featured Stylist – Jose

11051907_10203949501637590_6427191922669258622_nJose Aponte can thank his mom for the career he now excels at and loves.

His passion for hair began quite simply:  At home doing his mom’s color in the kitchen sink.

“When it was over, and she loved, her hair, I felt good and was thrilled I was able to help her feel great about her look,” he said.

Jose grew up in Youngstown, OH, and attended college in Alexandria, Virginia.  He worked as a photographer, but realized quickly that it wasn’t his passion.  He wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

“I always enjoyed being creative and making people feel good about themselves,” he said.

11035843_10204334770189063_3183267803165131147_nJose eventually moved to Charlotte with his partner, now husband, and in 2011 decided to live his dream.  He attended and completed beauty school at Empire Beauty School in Matthews.  Then, through friends, Jose applied at Fresh, and got hired.

“Julia saw something in me and gave me a chance.  My first months at Fresh were amazing.  I was learning so many new things.”

That was nearly five years ago, and Jose continues to learn.  He is a fan of Goldwell color classes and ARROJO styling classes.  Jose offers Silk Lift Highlights, Color Blending and Color Locking Treatment, among many other services.

12079624_10153196709570886_79798144778413783_nJose says he loves balayage, a low maintenance form of highlighting.   Balayage, which means sweeping or painting in French, allows anything from subtle shades to high drama.  Fans of balayage love the natural look!

Jose’s favorite client is that person who is willing to take a risk with color, a person who wants to try something different.

“That’s the one fun thing about hair color is that you can change it up!”

Featured Stylist – Jose

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