9661c3df70c84973523cb82bf078b301 74de968079970a5acc547180d66a4905 embedded_strawberry-gold-hair-colorFall is the perfect time to change it up! Maybe it’s the leaves turning color, the kids returning to school or the cozy sweaters in your favorite boutique, but this is the season we say “yes” to new styles and a new hue for your hair!


  • There are endless shades of the rich color that can add drama to your fall look.
    Consider highlights if your skin is pale. Coffee-colored waves can add shimmer and you don’t have to touch up and redo. Today, imperfect is perfect!
  • Ombre is still a go-to look, and it doesn’t need to be extreme. At Fresh, our colorists have perfected flattering, subtle shades that will give you the new look you’ve desired.


Add in some low lights to update your blonde locks for fall and winter. If you have golden highlights, try warmer brown low-lights, the experts say. If your blonde is icy, then ashy and darker shades of highlights look best.


To love the look, you have to find the right hue for you! Pick a color that complements your complexion. Talk to your colorist, show pictures and use the right descriptions. Strawberry-champagne or copper are go-to words that your stylist will understand as you explain the hue you want.


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