Featured Stylist – Dustin Greely

482062_10200395472203020_422136912_nDustin Greely has a wild idea. He is creating a hairpiece out of wood, participating in one of the most prestigious hair contests in the country: The North American Hairstyling Awards.

It’s not surprising the Fresh stylist is competing. He’s all about creativity, and it’s a characteristic that benefits his many clients. Dustin came about it naturally; both of his parents were stylists and owned a salon.

“My mom is the biggest inspiration to me. She always has my back in every decision I’ve ever made. And she’s helped me along the way,” he said.

Dustin graduated from Parkwood High School in 1998 and attended Empire Beauty School in Matthews. He is one of the first Fresh trainees and considers his team a “family.”

“They inspire me everyday,” he said.

FullSizeRender 10409257_10152509591235886_5733167087794299463_nThe father of two has made a commitment to furthering his education, attending ARROJO and Goldwell classes. Most recently, Dustin took part in the ARROJO ambassador summit where top stylists taught a variety of razor cutting and American Wave techniques.

217927_3769610772448_759407565_nAnd while Dustin is inspired through learning, it’s his wife and two children, Gabrielle and Ryder (5 and 3 respectively) who encourage him to think outside the box.

“We do a lot of arts and crafts together,” he says with a smile.

If you’re ready for a change, and want a new style that sets you apart, give Dustin a call. He loves his clients and is committed to making them happy

“I’d say the best part of what I do is seeing my clients smile when they see how awesome they look. I love that it brings them such confidence,” said Dustin.

Featured Stylist – Dustin Greely

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