Featured Stylist: Cris Plyler

Cris Plyler didn’t know it then, but even as a child, she was preparing for a career as a stylist. She was that kid who loved to color, paint and draw. The little girl who always had a coloring book in her hands. She was, and is, motivated by creativity. It serves her clients well.

FullSizeRenderAsked what she loves about Fresh, and her answer is
genuine: the people, of course. She describes her special moments as a stylist as the times when a client says, “It’s the best cut I’ve ever had,” or “ I feel like myself again.”

“I’ve built friendships,” she says of her time at Fresh. “There’s a lot of laughter and even some tears. It’s a lifetime commitment.”

11214386_10153076237375886_7249159459884318271_nA Charlotte native, Cris began her career in her late twenties. She was doing something simple: going with a friend to a salon to get a trim. It dawned on her, she says. “This is where I need to be.”

And we’re glad she came!

Cris has a constant presence at all of our classes. “I am always continuing my education,” she says.

Cris lives in Charlotte with her partner and their two teenage children. She’s seen a lot of change in our city over the years, and loves to call Charlotte home.

“It’s hard to call it work when you love what you do every day. I enjoy all of my clients and appreciate them dearly!”1939622_10152106595355886_1529391787664092256_o

Featured Stylist: Cris Plyler

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