Bobby Pins and Hairspray: Featured Colorist Tana Isenhour

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As a young stylist, Tana Isenhour routinely put her favorite client to sleep. It was Tana’s grandmother, Dora!  Tana was just a child.

“I would put rollers in my grandmother’s hair as she sat on the floor watching TV.  It was not perfection.  It was play,” she said.  My grandmother would always close her eyes and nod off,” she laughed.10576990_10152795690665886_8414724785017355712_n

Tana’s desire to express herself continued throughout her young life. Consider what she remembers about her dance and cheerleading classes.  While the practices and recitals were most important, it was actually getting ready for those dance moments that made Tana who she is today.
The Fresh Salon Stylist remembers the smell of hairspray and the bobby pins from those early days of dancing.  She remembers the fun of preparing behind stage.

“I’ve been surrounded by hair and makeup my entire life,” she said. “When I was a kid, I would watch my mother do her hair and makeup.  I couldn’t wait till I was old enough to do the same,” she said.

1379921_10151699814600886_357989679_n (1)Tana graduated from high school and immediately began beauty school at Paul Mitchell Academy.  She completed the assisting program at Fresh, and found her “home” at the Providence Road salon. With almost a decade of experience today, she says she gained confidence in those beginning years, by watching her colleagues and learning.

“Being a colorist can be challenging, so being able to give it your all, is important.  Your clients are your walking billboards,” she said.

Tana loves working with today’s hottest trends especially “Balayage” or “Baby Lights.”  Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or paint.  The process gives a softer, more natural look.  Tana calls it “sun-kissed.”  When Balayage grows out, it’s not as drastic and noticeable, she says. Tana uses the method on many of her clients, those with long and shoulder length hair.

11058706_10152795690780886_413688278774189166_nToday you can find Tana giving clients a look they adore! Her chair is always full.  But unlike that first client, her beloved grandmother, today Tana’s clients are awake!  Falling in love with their new look!

“I love the moment when your client is at a loss for words because she is so happy and feels beautiful and more confident,” she says.

Bobby Pins and Hairspray: Featured Colorist Tana Isenhour

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