ARROJO Curling Wand


You don’t have to be blessed with curly hair to have the great look of soft, beautiful waves. ARROJO’s 1” Curling Wand is getting rave reviews from clients and stylists who love the new, signature curling wand.   What makes this different than the old clip-on irons? ARROJO’s Curling Wand is:

  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to work with
  • Easy to create natural-looking waves and curls

Get the looks you love, from those creative beach waves to the glamourous Hollywood curls, within minutes. The wand heats up to 320*F and has a non-stick barrel, so you can style and go.

The ARROJO Curling Wand is a perfect back-to-school gift for that someone special and a great investment for everyone who loves voluminous hair! Ask your Fresh stylist how you can take home a curling wand of your own.

ARROJO Curling Wand

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