Whipped Treatment


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We’ve all experienced it.  Days when our hair looks dry, brittle, damaged and dull.

Those bad hair days, can quickly become simply bad days.  That’s why it’s important to keep color treated hair conditioned, so that you can enjoy your color and maintain the feel of soft, shiny, sexy hair.

whipped_treatment_lgARROJO’s Whipped Treatment is a deep conditioner that promises to give your locks the shine we all long for, while fighting breakage and sun damage.

But Whipped Treatment does even more.  It’s also a long-lasting, color-saving treatment that preserves luster and the tone of applied hair colors.

Yes, Whipped Treatment can preserve your color, an especially important beauty benefit during summer months when sun and water can damage hair quickly.

Whipped Treatment is a medley of rejuvenating natural ingredients.  We love this product because it’s kind to your hair and will make it softer, stronger, thicker and fuller.

Beautiful woman washing and massaging her head over white backgroundThis is not a mousse.  This is a conditioning treatment, unique to ARROJO and his amazing line of products that continue to delight our clients. It’s easy to apply.  Simply massage it into wet hair when you’re in the shower, let it sit for five minutes, then rinse.

Whipped Treatment is a great weekly treatment for those of us who know a good day begins with a good hair day!

Whipped Treatment

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