Pixelated Color



You’ve got to see it to believe it. Pixelated color is emerging as the trend sought after by cutting-edge women around the world. Is it off the wall? Not anymore. Creative? Definitely. Interesting? Absolutely.

Pixelated styles are brightly colored hair trends, inspired by computer screens and video games. Pixelation features asymmetric patterns wrapped around your head. Literally. The look is futuristic and fun and is garnering the attention from teens to moms to Hollywood A-listers.


Goldwell artist Jeffrey Moffett recently visited Fresh Salon to show stylists the latest trends in Pixelated color. Think of the process as artwork, with stylists using a template, creating patterns of any size and any combination, then using that template to create designs and hues within your hair. It works great on straight hair, on flat parts of the head, so that all can see the artwork and imagery.


Go ahead… try it. Fresh stylists are expertly trained and ready to give you a design and style you’ll love sure to capture the attention of anyone who looks your way.

Pixelated Color

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