ARROJO Healing Oil @ Fresh Salon


It’s all about oil. In everything we do, oils are making us healthier. From cosmetics to the way we prepare our food, oils are redefining how we eat and how we protect and restore our beauty.

Healing Oil by ARROJO is no exception. It’s a must for anyone who wants their hair to look and feel beautiful. Healing Oil is filled with precious oils. What’s even better? There are no silicones, parabens or SULFATES. This product is one of the must haves from the ARROJO line and will give results you immediately see and feel!


Check out the three oils in Healing Oil:

  • SUNFLOWER OIL: Softens hair, adds delightful patina
  • JOJABA OIL: Penetrates the hair follicle, making the hair shaft plumper and amping volume and body
  • BABASSU OILS: Makes the hair shiny and supple, with every style

Healing Oil is a glossing spray that will nourish your hair and add shine and luster. We recommend you mist it lightly, about 12 inches from your hair, and don’t touch it too much after applying… let Healing Oil do the work.

Healing Oil will give your hair gloss, body and texture! It’s magic! And there’s nothing artificial about it… just essentials that will nourish your hair with every application!

ARROJO Healing Oil @ Fresh Salon

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