Featured Stylist – Kaia Sellitti

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There are some stylists who just look cool! You know what I’m talking about. The person you see in the salon, and think, “That’s who I want to do my hair!”

Kaia Selitti is that kind of stylist. She has a vibe, years of experience, and a desire to continue learning.

The mother of two young girls, a puppy named Georgia and a cat named Vicious, is a Goldwell educator. Working and learning with the Goldwell team is a prestigious opportunity, because as a Goldwell educator, Kaia has an inside look at the latest trends and how to perfect them every time for every client.

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“One of the things I love about our industry is bouncing ideas around with other stylists. We do this at Fresh, and now I have a larger group to collaborate with as well,” she said.
64674_10150599592190886_2129310986_n“It’s been an awesome experience.”

Part of her Goldwell education includes learning the latest trends in coloring, how to improve a client’s hair and experimenting with the technology that only Goldwell can bring.

The trend today? Subtle shading that enhances color and delivers superior results. Kaia can do it all, from traditional color to Color Blending, Men’s’ Reshade and Elumen, an innovative technology delivering texture control and mega shine without fading.

“When my clients tell me that they love their hair and that I made their day, it makes me fee
great,” she said.

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Now that June is here, Kaia is excited for wedding season and will spend much of her time helping brides prepare for the defining moment when they walk down the aisle.

“When a bride trusts you with her big day, that speaks volumes. Watching a bride get a first glimpse of what the rest of the day holds is a special feeling,” she said.

If you want to learn more about how Kaia can help you define a new look or enhance your personal style, give Fresh Salon a call today!

Featured Stylist – Kaia Sellitti

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