Featured Stylist – Chelsea Axtell

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It took a bad hair cut to get Chelsea Axtell motivated. Really motivated. And yes, it was an extremely bad style! It happened in the 8th grade. Chelsea wanted bangs. What she got, she says, resembled a Peacock’s feathers. Today she can laugh about it. Back then? “I cried,” she says.

A spunky teenager, with a lot of determination, Chelsea immediately took things into her own hands. She began cutting her own hair, even adding extensions. Her mother was a bit nervous about it, but soon realized Chelsea had talent. A lot of talent. Her entire family and friends all encouraged Chelsea to pursue her dream, to keep going. And with that encouragement, a Charlotte stylist was born!

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After graduating from Butler High School, Chelsea immediately got into Empire Beauty school.  While gaining her education, she worked at Fresh, taking appointments and learning the business side of the industry.   Chelsea exudes style. She is laid back and quick to smile! It didn’t take long for Fresh owners Julia & Jason Vittorio to give her a chance on the floor. Those years spent doing her own hair had paid off. She was mature beyond her years and skilled too. Last year, Chelsea began taking clients and is now busy every day doing what she loves.

The best part of her job as a stylist? “The moment the client sees her new cut, and is happy, and you know you nailed it,” she said. “It’s so exciting, one of the best feelings!”

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Today, Chelsea is inspired by the season’s shorter cuts, and says she relates to customers who aren’t quite sure they’re ready to go short. She suggests leaving bangs a little longer. That gives a sense of security, she says. For clients who aren’t nervous about making a change, she loves asymmetrical cuts and undercuts.

Is she glad she got that bad cut years ago that helped shaped her future?

Absolutely, she says! “I love what I do. It’s been amazing.”

Featured Stylist – Chelsea Axtell

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