Undercut… The New Bob!

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Now’s the time to Go For It!   How often have you been in your stylist’s chair, about to ask for that new look, and then pulled back?  Afraid?  Don’t be.  This season’s “undercut” will give you the change you want to try, without making a huge commitment.


I’m not talking the Miley Cyrus undercut.  The cut I’m talking about is safe, but with a flip of your part, can be rebellious too!  It offers movement and removes bulk for those of you with thick hair that can be hard to manage.  By undercutting, styling comes easier and you’ll love the results.


“FRESH” stylists achieve the look by keeping the top layer of your hair longer, and then “undercutting.”  If you part your hair in the middle, the secret is all yours.  No one has to know how short you’ve gone underneath.  But flip that part, and you have a different look.  Call it trendy, but it’s also beautiful and classy.   Check out Jennifer Lawrence who debuted her own version.  Undercuts offer the perfect style that goes from work to play.


Think Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco who took scissors to her gorgeous blonde locks and was an instant stunner. We also love Michelle Williams. The star in Oz the Great and Powerful, played Glinda the Good Witch, you might remember. Check out their photos below.

  Jennifer Lawrence        Kaley Cuoco

Think the look might be for you? Give it a try.  Our team is trained by NYC’s Nick Arrojo, who offers world class instruction in Manhattan’s SoHo district and routinely visits FRESH to update our stylists on what’s new and how to make the latest trends work for our clients. Education is the key to our salons success, and we believe it’s what sets us apart from the others!


And remember, by trying an undercut, you may get a new take on the day… with the Best of Both Worlds!

Undercut… The New Bob!

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