AG Tinted Dry Shampoo


AG Tinted Dry Shampoos 

It happens every couple of weeks.  I get a visit from my friend, “The Skunk.”   You know what I’m referring to:  that ugly gray line, similar to a skunk’s stripe, down the center of your head.    For years, “the skunk” was my cue to book my next color appointment.  But over time, the skunk began showing its ugly line more often.  Six weeks, then five, now every three weeks.  Go an extra few days, and I need to cover the mirrors in my house.  Call me vain, but I can’t stand to look like a skunk.


Last month, after starting a new job, I couldn’t get in for my color appointment.  The skunk didn’t care.  He showed up on cue.  



I had to get control.  Welcome to my new bestie:  AG Brunette Dry Shampoo.  (It comes in several shades, not just brunette, by the way!)


The color dry shampoo gave me the extra few days I needed to hide the skunk and still look great.  I pointed it right at the offender.  Straight down my part and around my temples.  Voilà!  No more skunk.


AG Dry Shampoo also made my hair feel great.  It’s a perfect product to seamlessly cover roots between salon visits.  By just spraying and massaging, your hair will look great instantly, and because it contains natural tapioca starch, AG Dry Shampoo will soak up excess oil and leave your hair looking fantastic without any residue.


No, it can’t take the place of  a great salon visit, but using AG Brunette Dry Shampoo truly changed the panic I feel every two weeks, when the skunk came back uninvited!

AG Tinted Dry Shampoo

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